MHS Student Survey 18-19
Complete the survey below.
Indicate how long you have been at this school. *
I understand most of the materials presented by my teacher during my regular classes (Math, Reading, English, Social Studies, and Science). *
I understand my homework and other assignments. *
My teachers check my homework regularly. *
My teachers expect everyone to succeed. *
My teachers ask me to show what I have learned in different ways (tests, quizzes, projects, portfolios, presentations). *
If I am having trouble learning something, my teachers usually find another way to help me understand my lessons. *
My teachers motivate me to do my best work in class. *
My classroom is a comfortable place to learn. *
Our school is clean and looks nice. *
My classroom has visual aids (posters, maps, bulletin boards) that help me understand my lessons. *
My school has recreation or sports equipment for me to use during P.E. or recess. *
My school gives us recess/break time during the school day. *
My parents help me with my school work. *
My teachers tell me how I am doing and how I can improve my knowledge to earn better grades. *
I have been taught the expectations or rules about how to behave at my school. *
I feel welcome and safe at my school. *
I have received a reward (other than verbal praise) for following the rules in the last 2 months. *
I have easy access to extra reading materials in my school. *
I have NOT seen or been in any fights at my school in the last 6 months. *
Behavior problems DO NOT interfere with learning in my classes. *
My parents know what is going on in my school. *
I know about or participated in after school tutoring programs in the last 6 months. *
My parents have visited my school for after school activities. *
I feel prepared at the end of the school year to move to the next grade. *
I know what to do in case of an emergency at my school. *
I learned Math, English, Science, and Social Studies that helped me to do well on state tests. *
My hard work has always been recognized and rewarded at school. *
Students in my class have access to computers and the Internet. *
My teachers have assigned different projects related to my culture. *
I use the school library often. *
I get help from teachers, counselors, or other adults when I need it. *
I enjoy coming to school. *
The school administrators (principal and assistant principal) are often seen around the school talking with students. *
I am encouraged by school administrators (principal and assistant principal) to do well in school. *
The school administrators (principal and assistant principal) believe that I will do well in school. *
My teachers believe that I will do well in school. *
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