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This form is required before your child may attend School of the Wild. A separate form is required for each child enrolled.
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Emergency Contact *
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Student Allergies: Please list any allergies (food or environmental) or medical conditions your child has. If none, write 'none.' * *
Medication: Does your child regularly take any prescribed medication or carry an epipen? If so, please list and describe below. If not, please write 'none.' *
Schedule, Tuition, and Payment
Tuition is non-refundable and due in full prior to your child attending class. By enrolling in our classes, families assume responsibility for the full balance due for the entire session, regardless of the days their child actually attends. No refunds or credits will be given for classes missed, including those due to travel, illness, or schedule conflicts. Makeup classes may be offered if School of the Wild cancels classes due to severe weather or another unforeseen circumstance. *If you have a situation that requires special consideration, please let us know before the payment due date.
Schedule, Tuition, and Payment *
I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of 'Schedule, Tuition, and Payment' above.
Consent for Medical Treatment
In the case of a medical emergency, I understand that every reasonable attempt will be made to contact the parent(s)/guardian(s) or another designated emergency contact. However, in the event that I cannot be reached, I give my permission to the Leaders of School of the Wild to help my Child and secure emergency medical treatment. I agree to pay for any charges for emergency medical treatment that are not covered by my personal health insurance. This acknowledgement and consent applies for the duration of time that my child attends class.
Consent for Medical Treatment *
I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the 'Consent for Medical Treatment' above.
Acknowledgment of Risk
I acknowledge that there are risks inherent in any youth activity, including – but not limited to – injury arising from participation in outdoor physical activity. I acknowledge that all risks cannot be prevented, and assume those beyond the reasonable control of the teachers and staff. In consideration of being permitted to participate in School of the Wild, on behalf of myself, my family, my heirs, and my assigns, I hereby release and hold harmless School of the Wild, its teachers and its staff from any liability for injury, loss, or death to the Child. In order to minimize risks to my Child and others, I will take responsibility to make sure that my Child is prepared for all activities, dressed appropriately for the weather, and is in good health for each class. I am also aware that our nature area has rough terrain and wild animals, and it is open to the general public for various activities. I appreciate and accept that risk and waive any right to pursue legal remedies associated with inherent risks of the park.
Acknowledgment of Risk *
I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the 'Acknowledgement of Risk' above.
Sunscreen and Bug Spray *
It is understood that families are expected to send their child with their own sunscreen and bug spray each day, and it is not the responsibility of School of the Wild to provide sunscreen and bug spray regularly for children. In the event a child's sunscreen or bug spray is not with them, we give permission for our child to use sunscreen and bug spray provided by School of the Wild.
Snacks *
I hereby authorize Leaders of School of the Wild to offer my child snacks within the parameters of their allergies and dietary restrictions.
Media Release *
I hereby consent and agree that School of the Wild has the right to take photographs and video clips of my child and to use these on their educational website and promotional materials without compensation. I understand my child's name and identity will not be revealed.
Parent Signature *
By signing this form electronically, I attest I am the parent/guardian of the above child and I am the person whose name appears in the box below. I understand and agree to the terms stated and checked on this form. Please type your full name below.
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