NYYM Mentoring Survey
At Summer Sessions 2019, Young Adults expressed a number of fundamental needs. One was a desire for "mentoring, eldership, and spiritual accompaniment to support personal journeys, develop Divine gifts, and nurture leadings and ministries." Another was a request for additional "investment and resources to build [YA] capacity as Quaker leaders, ministers, elders, and community leaders."

New York Yearly Meeting, the Spiritual Nurture Working Group, and ARCH are working together to build a mentoring program to address these needs and to better support the spiritual development of young adult Friends AND all Friends. Help us shape the program by completing the 10-question survey below.
Your Age
For you, what are the primary reasons you would want to participate in a Quaker mentoring program? (check all that apply and add things to the list that we didn't think of)
Describe what you might be looking for in a mentoring relationship (either as a mentor as a mentee).
Your answer
Describe your ideal mentor. What are the most important qualities of a good mentor? What do good mentors do? What do they not do?
Your answer
What should mentors know and/or what skills should they have or be trained in BEFORE becoming a mentor?
Your answer
What should be considered when matching mentees with mentors?
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Of the following options, which matching scenario(s) do you feel would work well? In ALL scenarios, mentors and mentees must agree and commit to working together.
For you, what would be the ideal length for a formal mentoring program? Check more than one if you think more than one structure could work.
This does not mean mentors/mentees could not meet after the program is over. We are looking for a baseline.
Thinking about a six-month program, how frequently do you think mentors and mentees should be *required* to formally meet (either in person or virtually)?
This does not mean mentors/mentees could not meet MORE frequently. We are looking for a baseline.
Which of the following mentor program activities feel most important to you? (check all that apply and add things that we didn't think of)
How likely are you to participate in a structured mentoring program through New York Yearly Meeting? (either as a mentor or as a mentee)
Highly Unlikely
Extremely Likely
Explain what factors make you likely or unlikely to participate in a formal mentoring program through New York Yearly Meeting.
Your answer
What else do you want us to know or consider as we build this mentoring program?
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