Choose Your Own Adventure!
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All of the scenario ideas were submitted by patrons!

The most popular voted choice will become the next choose your own adventure series. My favorite of the choices will become a twitch series!

UPDATE: The polls are now closed but I'll leave them up and open so you can see the choices picked.

Vote for your favorite scenario! Winner to be announced Friday! The submit button is below the scenario descriptions.
Pirate Hunters
- Eliminate all pirates
- Must exit using AI ship
- Limited transport pod usage
- Wargs and bears for pets
Goal: Eliminate all pirates and AI ship exit
Hippie Quest
- Do all quests and missions offered
- Destroy pirate camps
- Vote on pawn equipment and drug usage
Goal: escape using the AI ship
Silverfang Tribe
- Start as 5 tribals all related by family
- Never recruit anyone except family
- Annual raid against pirate bases
Goal: To obtain 50,000 silver in a vault room
Technology Reapers
- Start with a small group
- Befriend and recruit all tribals
- Exterminate all high-tech cultures
Goal: Leave once all tech is purged from the world
- Start with nothing
- 1 friendly neighbor maximum
- Regular and frequent drug use
- Addicts go to rehab
Goal: Ship exit with everyone, pets included
The Holy Nation
- Start as a technophobe tribe
- Befriend all other tribes
- Kill all high tech civilizations
Goal: No high tech settlements left on the map
Tomb World
- Survive a world that is always toxic fallout
- Live only underground
Goal: Get off the tomb world
The Enslavers
- Crashlanded start
- No allies
- Primary resource is slaves
Goal: Exit the planet when every other settlement is destroyed
Pentagon Pilgrimage
- 12 pawn start of pilgrims
- Must visiting all 12 pentagon tiles on the world map with all living pilgrims
Goal: Each pentagon tile is visited
Notes: Because of the way the RimWorld worlds are constructed there are 12 special tiles on each map that are pentagon shaped
Tribal Troglodytes
- Start as a cave dwelling tribe
- Limited to neolithic technology
Goal: Rescue all of the 'left behind' (captured) tribe members that were abducted
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