2019 FRC Spring Travel Commitments
Parents should confer with their children and decide which FRC events they will attend. The form represents a contract between the family and G3 to these trips and the corresponding payments.

ROOKIES must attend at least one event.

Your grades must be no lower than a 70, and your shop attendance must be in compliance with the two-week policy.

You are encouraged to attend these events if you want to be a productive team member, but you are not required to attend any of these. Note that not attending any event will reflect on you negatively when you reapply to the team at the end of the school year. Rookies, however, are required to attend at least one event.
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Last Name *
Legal Last Name of the person attending the trip.
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First Name *
Legal First Name of the person attending the trip.
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Parent Email *
The first question above should be the traveler's email. Enter a parent email here or type NA if you are an adult.
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Status *
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Dietary Restrictions *
Describe any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, etc.) or food allergies.
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Travel Selections
You must complete for each competition below NO LATER THAN JANUARY 10, 2019!
1. SIGN UP FOR THIS EVENT IS NOW CLOSED: Mar 1 - 3: Peachtree District Qualifier, Gainesville, GA
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2. DEADLINE TO COMMIT MARCH 1 - March 21 - 23: Peachtree District Qualifier, Columbus, GA - *
3. DEADLINE TO COMMIT MARCH 15th - April 3 - 6: Peachtree District Championship, Emerson, GA, during spring break. *
4. April 17 - 20: FIRST Championship, Houston, TX *
Independent Travel Arrangements (Adults)
Adults only: will you fly/drive to Houston with the team, or make your own flight arrangements?
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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