Beta Application/Interest Form
So you want to be a beta reader? That's great! I deeply appreciate your interest!
In order to make the most of the your skills, I have a few questions to ask before I send you materials.

Please keep in mind, while I appreciate your help, I really do need your input! By filling out this form, I may call on you in the future to beta for me (if you're interested). If I send you a book and you fulfill the basic requirements...I won't send you anything again. You will always be given the option to Opt-Out of a reading before materials are sent.
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What can I call you? (Preferred name or handle)
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E-mail for contact. (Note: This may be added to a private mailing list at a later date.)
What kind of "beta" are you? (You may choose more than one)
Have you read works by Sam LaRose previously?
I understand that by submitting this application, I will receive pre-publication drafts of novel work(s) by author Sam LaRose. I agree to keep these works private and to not share them with other persons without express permission by the author.
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I understand that by submitting this application, I agree to fulfill the terms of a beta reader including: Reading the novel in its entirety and submitting a feedback form with my thoughts at minimum. I may also leave commentary on a draft which will be submitted to the author.
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I understand and agree that if I do not uphold my duties with the minimum return, I will not be asked to read in the future.
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I would be willing to submit my mailing address to the author to receive thank you gifts for my beta work.
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I understand that I am not being monetarily compensated for my time as a beta reader.
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I understand that Sam LaRose is not obligated to participate in a Swap Read or read for me in exchange for my beta reading.
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Which works are you most interested in beta reading? (These are the current projects for 2021) (You may check more than one)
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