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Tour Type: Blog Tour
Tour Dates: May 4-8 & 11-15
Title: Becoming the Plagiarist
Author: B.T. Higgins (author of The Cracking of Monday Egg)
Publisher: The Cotton Wood Project
Publication date: February 28, 2020
Category: Young Adult
Genre: Christian, Fiction, Sci-Fi
Format provided: PDF
Book content level: Some violence
Book warnings: main character gets kidnapped

Book Descriptions:
"Mike Wilson, a junior at Cypress Christian Academy, discovers he's been reading minds by accident. The day after he gets his license, he can drive as well as his Driver's Ed teacher, Mr. Clark. He has a full day of memories straight from the mind of Zayden Perez, the most loved and hated guy at school.
This year at CCA, the world-famous tech entrepreneur, Henry Jacks is teaching at the school. Mike inadvertently downloads his mind during the first day of class and now Mike's a tech genius too. He desperately wants Mr. Jacks out of his head and he doesn't want to steal any more thoughts, but that might be the only way he can survive."
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