PCard Reconciler Re-Certification Exam
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1. Travel related charges must be associated with a travel authorization within how many days of the load date in travel module? *
2. Reconciler responsibilities include: *
3. When are copies of signed cardholder activity statements and receipts due in to PCard Services? *
4. A Cardholder cannot be held responsible for a failure to get his/her transactions approved in time in FAST; after all, transaction approval is the Reconciler's responsibility. *
5. A person can be a reconciler on their own PCard account *
6. If a reconciler does not have a receipt for a transaction they should do the following: *
7. Cardholders have the following number of days to submit their PCard receipts (or other appropriate purchase documentation) to their Reconciler: *
8. Original commodity purchase receipts should be maintained by the department for *
9. Items purchased on PCard can be shipped to *
10. A Cardholder who is traveling out of the country has how many days to get receipts to his or her Reconciler? *
11. Which type of items require a special use agreement approved by Purchasing before being bought on PCard? *
12. If I'm paying for an item that costs $3,000, it is permissible to ask the cashier to divide the charge into two charges of $1,500 so that I can circumvent my $2,000 single transaction limit. *
13. Original receipts from grants/projects should be maintained for *
14. Sales taxes from states other than Florida are permissible on PCard. *
15. If you feel you are being pressured to approve an inappropriate charge you should: *
16. Books can be purchased with PCard. What is the dollar limit on each book? *
17. Receipts must include the following: *
18. When placing an order, the vendor should only bill USF once the product has been shipped: *
19. When buying office supplies with PCard: *
20. Gasoline purchases can be made on PCard in the following situations except: *
21. Cardholders should not use the PCard to pay other USF departments *
22. It is okay to receive a cash credit for a purchase as long as the money is turned in to the USF Cashier's Office. *
23. Food purchases can be made on PCard *
24. A formal dispute can be filed through JP Morgan Chase *
25. Capital equipment cannot be purchased on PCard *
26. Which of the following is an example of a prohibited travel expense? *
27. Shipping and handling are included in the cost of an item when determining whether or not an item is considered to be capital equipment. *
28. Cardholders are required to contact the PCard manager before using their PCard for SunPass purchases *
29. Memberships are allowable on PCard. Included with the receipts should be: *
30. True or False: A cardholder's shipping and billing address are USF addresses: *
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