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Remember: if you sign up for a social service group here, you are NOT making a binding commitment — you may attend any time you wish. Signing up using this form simply means that you will receive advisory mail and or texts/email with information about the volunteer group(s) you are interested in.
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Monday clubs
Foster Reading
Centro Romero
Nuestro Tutors
Tuesday clubs
Citadel Health I
This group also goes out on Thursdays (see below).
Wednesday clubs
Refugee Relief
Boys and Girls Club
Rice Tutoring
Onward House
Thursday clubs
Northside Youth Tutoring (formerly AYS)
InspirED Youth Tutoring
Rice Sports and Games
Citadel Health II
This group also goes out on Tuesdays (see above).
Friday clubs
Rice Music
This group also goes out on Tuesdays (see above).
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