Taurus Crafts – Application Form Autumn Antiques & Vintage Fair
Event Date: Sunday 22nd September 2019
Event Time: 10am until 4pm
Event Address: marketing@tauruscrafts.co.uk
Contact: 01594 844841 or enquire@tauruscrafts.co.uk
This is a great day out for avid collectors, casual browsers, and families looking for an alternative day outing.

Antiques and Vintage fairs provide the opportunity to find alternative gifts, affordable retro home decor, and the missing piece to a collection. Many pieces are a real bargain too, with craft skills and workmanship being available at a price you just can’t find on the high street.
Event Details
•Taurus Crafts Antiques and Vintage Fair will be open to the public from 10am until 4.00pm. There is no entrance fee to members of the public. All stalls must be open for trade throughout the times 10am-4pm
•Stall holders set up from 8.30am. Take down to finish by 5:30pm.
•Please park all vehicles in the side car park after unloading – Mia Rose (previously Nutkins Nursery), unless otherwise directed.
•All rubbish must be removed from Taurus Crafts site.
•Please help to promote the Fair - contact marketing@tauruscrafts.co.uk if you are able to distribute leaflets or require digital copies of flyers/posters etc
•Taurus Crafts insurances will extend liability cover for those stallholders who do not have their own insurance in place.
•This is for premises liability only and would not cover any of the sold items as this would in essence be products liability.
•So if for example “a member of the public tripped over a stall or item on the stall, then this would be dealt with under the public liability but no claim could be made if a purchaser took an item home and sustained an injury.”
•This would only cover your stall during this event, the Antiques and Vintage Fair
•If you have any insurance in place, please can you send a copy to the above address before the antiques market.
Pitch Information
1.Pitch size – Main marquee pitches will comprise 2 tables. (2x 1.4mx0.7m approx.) or similar sizes, Farmers Markets Stalls will have an 2.4m x 1.2m table with covered roof.
2.Specific pitch requirements - Where possible we will try and accommodate stallholders who have specific pitch requirements. Please speak to us.
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To return this form, please click the Submit Button below the Terms & Conditions section
We will then contact successful applicants by the 31st July 2019. You will be sent a letter and Invoice confirming a pitch. Payment is due in full by 30th August 2019.

Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions
1.1 In this contract the following definitions shall have the following meanings:
• ‘the Agreement’ The agreement between Taurus Crafts (Camphill Village Trust CVT) and the Stallholder comprised by these Terms & Conditions (with any modification as may be agreed in writing) including the Application Form (if used).
• ‘the Authority’ The relevant authority having jurisdiction in respect of the locality in which the Market is located, or any activity connected with the Market e.g. police, district council etc
• ‘Taurus Crafts’ Taurus Crafts (is part of the Camphill Village Trust Ltd).
• ‘the Fees’ The total fees payable for the Pitch.
• ‘the Event’ The Market described on the Booking Form
• ‘the Event Venue’ All the buildings, land and premises located at the Market.
• ‘the Stallholder’ The person named on the Application Form.
• ‘the Pitch’ Any space allocated to the Stallholder.

2. Compliance with Requirement of Insurance Policies, the Authorities and the Law
2.1 In addition to these Terms & Conditions, the Stallholder must comply with the requirements of the insurance policies of Taurus Crafts and all other provisions in force from time to time applicable to the Market, the Stallholder and/or any of the sale goods, displays or services the Stallholder wishes to include in the Market.

3. Nature of the Contract
3.1 This Contract is a licence and not a tenancy.

4. Organiser’s Liability – Cancellation of the Market, Force Majeure etc.
4.1 The Contract shall continue in full force and effect and Taurus Crafts shall be under no obligation to repay the Charges paid or payable by the Stallholder and shall be under no liability to the Stallholder whatsoever as the result of the happening of any of the following events (It is highly recommended that Stallholders seek appropriate insurance cover in respect of the consequences of these risks):
(a) the Market being abandoned, cancelled, postponed, suspended (in whole or in part) or otherwise adversely affected by reason of any Act of God, war, fire, flood, emergency, drought, labour dispute, trade dispute, terrorist act, threat of terrorism, strike, lock-out, civil disturbance, accident, the non-availability of the Market Venue or any other cause not within Taurus Crafts’ control.
(b) Any changes in requirements of any Authority in respect of the Market.
4.2 Taurus Crafts shall be entitled to exercise all or any of the rights, powers or discretion conferred on it by these Terms & Conditions without assigning any reason and (unless otherwise provided) in such a manner as, in Taurus Crafts’ view, is in the best interests of the Market. In no circumstances shall the exercise by Taurus Crafts of any of these rights, powers or discretions give rise to any claim against it.

5. Cancellation
5.1 Stallholders will not be entitled to a refund should they cancel their pitch booking without giving two weeks’ notice.
5.2 Stallholders will be entitled to a full refund should the event be cancelled by Taurus Crafts other than for any of the reasons outlined in Section 4 & Section 10.

6. Housekeeping
6.1 It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to ensure that their allocated pitch is kept free from obstruction during the whole of the time the Market Venue is open for the purpose of the Market and, so as practicable, during the setting up and dismantling of the Market. Taurus Crafts reserves the right to remove any obstructions and no compensation will be payable for damage, loss or inconvenience caused by the reasonable exercise of this power.
6.2 Stallholders must ensure that their pitches are kept free from litter.

7. Stallholder’s Merchandise & Conduct
7.1 Taurus Crafts reserves the right to ask Stallholders to remove any merchandise that they consider may cause offence or pose a danger to other Stallholders, Taurus Crafts or visitors.
7.2 Stall Holders must not stock or sell fireworks, garden flares, household candles, tea lights, etc on their pitches. As mentioned in 7.1 Taurus Crafts reserves the right to ask Stallholders to remove any merchandise of this nature.
7.3 Stallholders must act in accordance with all relevant trade and consumer legislation in force at the time of the Event.
7.4 Stallholders should not conduct themselves in a manner that could potentially cause disturbance or offence to any other Stallholder, any visitor or ‘Taurus Crafts’.
‘Taurus Crafts’ the right is reserve to ask traders to leave the site.

8. Access
8.1 Stallholders who have not paid the Fees for a Pitch will not be allowed access until the Fees have been paid in full.
8.2 Stallholders will be allowed access to the Event Venue for the purposes of setting up their Pitch from time stated on booking form on the day of the Event.
8.3 Stallholders must have their Pitches set-up by the opening time stated on booking form on the day of the Event.
8.4 Stallholders will not be allowed to close their Pitch before close of event as stated on booking form on the day of the Event.

9. Buyer disputes with Stallholders
9.1 Disputes with buyers must be dealt with and settled directly by the Stallholder in a professional manner and in accordance with all relevant trade and consumer legislation.

10. Failure of Services
10.0 Where the supply of services is interrupted for reasons outside Taurus Crafts reasonable control, Taurus Crafts shall not incur any liability to a Stallholder for any losses, costs or damage if any such services shall wholly or partially fail or cease to be available nor shall the Stallholder be entitled to any rebate or allowance in respect of the Fees due or paid under the Contract.

11. Risk & Insurance
11.1 Each Stallholder attends the Market entirely at their own risk.
11.2 The Stallholder is responsible for and shall indemnify Taurus Crafts in respect of all claims (whether arising from personal injury or damage to property or otherwise) arising in connection with the erection or dismantling of the Stallholder’s pitch and anything permitted, omitted or done thereon or there from during the period of the Market or during the construction or dismantling period.
11.3 Taurus Crafts will take such precautions as it may consider appropriate for the proper running of the Market but will not be at any time responsible for the loss of, or damage to, or safety of any Pitch, sale goods or displays or other property of a Stallholder, or any other person under any circumstances.
11.4 The Stallholder shall do nothing to jeopardise the current Insurance Policy or Policies of the Market Venue or the Agreement between Taurus Crafts regarding the use of the Market Venue and the Stallholder shall in all cases comply with any requirement of the Fire Officer or other Authorities concerned.
11.5 It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to ensure they have adequate Insurance cover for Loss, Damage, Public Liability and any other eventuality.
11.6 As a charity and a visitor centre Taurus Crafts has duty of care to protect children and vulnerable adults onsite. If any trader is deemed to pose a potential safeguarding risk, Taurus Crafts reserves the right to ask them to leave

12. Indemnity by Stallholders
12.1 The Stallholder shall fully and sufficiently indemnify and keep indemnified Taurus Crafts from and against all actions, proceedings, costs, expenses, charges or claims whatsoever arising out of the acts, default or negligence of the Stallholder or any other person or party acting under the Stallholder’s direction.

13. Complaints
13.1 It is the responsibility of the Stallholder to bring to the attention of Taurus Crafts at the earliest opportunity any grievance or complaint in order that the matter can be investigated and dealt with appropriately.
13.2 The Stallholder should immediately report any complaint to Taurus Crafts by attending the Taurus Crafts office at the Market Venue.
13.3 If the Stallholder feels that any problem has not been satisfactorily resolved at the Market Venue the Stallholder should write to Taurus Crafts so that the matter can be investigated and dealt with appropriately.

14. Acceptance of Terms & Conditions
Submission of an application for a Pitch booking by a Stallholder and acceptance of such application by Taurus Crafts will be deemed to be acceptance by Stallholder and Taurus Crafts of the Terms & Conditions laid out herein.

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