F&C: Adventitious Roots Discord Server - Invitation Request
Hi, welcome! I'm glad you're interested in joining Adventitious Roots! This group is for anyone whose identities include Black, Indigenous, and Latine. Hopefully, you will join and contribute to discussion of any related topics and intersectionality so that we address everybody's needs. After you submit this form, we'll invite you using your Discord ID or we'll email you a temporary link to the Discord group (whichever you prefer).

If it looks like we can't meet your needs (i.e. you're looking to be educated on these issues in academia rather than primarily to get support for these issues), we'll reach out to you with plenty of resources to help you out.  
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Does an aspect of your identity include Black, Indigenous, or Latine? *
If you chose No or Other, please explain if this resource fits your needs if or a different resource would be better. We'll reach out further if there's any confusion or questions.  If you chose Yes then type n/a. *
What would you want from the group? *
If other, please explain *
Are you willing to be a moderator for any general or identity-specific conversations? Moderators will enforce the server rules so that we all can have productive & robust conversations in which we agree or disagree without trolling, threats, or discrimination.  If yes, then check any box that corresponds with something you have enough understanding of to moderate. *
Are you willing to be a conversation starter for any general or identity-specific topics? A conversation starter is someone who will agree to post ice breakers and initiate posts & conversations regularly so that we always have something to talk about. There's no required amount of posts, you're just agreeing to actively promote conversation. If more people sign up for this, then each conversation starter won't have to post that much so don't be shy! If yes, then check any box that corresponds with a topic you'd prefer to start conversations about. *
What other topics are missing that we should include?
Give any feedback here or any thoughts, suggestions, opinions, etc. All feedback is helpful especially to help us fix any outdated language or to help us address any blind spots, etc.  
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