COVID-19 Maine farmer survey 3
Please take a moment to complete this confidential survey. IF YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THIS SURVEY, PLEASE TAKE IT AGAIN as new questions have been added and we are tracking changes over the season. Since the first release of this Maine farmer survey, COVID-19 continues to affect our farming communities. Agricultural service providers in Maine would like to gather information to learn how we can best support you through direct assistance and policy in this unpredictable time. Please complete by September 30th.

For more information please see the Covid-19 Maine Farmer Information and Support doc:

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1. Farm Name (Optional)
2. Contact phone or email address (Optional)
3. County *
4. What are your primary farm products (check all that apply)? *
5. What were your normal sales channels for your farm products and services prior to March (check all that apply)? *
6. Prior to March, which sales method made up the largest percentage of your sales? *
7. Since March, please select any sales channels you have LOST related to COVID-19 *
8. Since March, have you pivoted to any new sales channels due to COVID-19? Please select any new channels for you *
9. Do you intend to stay with any of these market shifts you have made in 2021? *
10. How has your farm revenue changed in comparison to August 31st last year? *
11. As of August 31st, what are your year-to-date 2020 sales expressed as a percentage of last season’s gross sales? (Ex. If you sold $7,500 this year and $10,000 last year, by August 31st, that would be 75% of last years sales). ((2020 gross sales / 2019 sales (thru Aug 31)) x 100.
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12. What do you attribute sales changes to? *
13. What programs, support, or information do you need to help your farm to continue to navigate COVID-19? *
14. How would you rate your stress this year in comparison to last year? *
A lot less stressful than last year
A lot more stressful than last year
15. If you experienced more stress than last year, please check your top three stressors in 2020
16. Have you experienced difficulty accessing any of the following supplies? *
17. What support programs have you APPLIED to for financial support this year? *
18. What support programs have you RECEIVED for financial support this year? *
19. What issues have you encountered in seeking support for your business? *
20. What public policies/regulations/public funding programs would you like to see prioritized in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and their impact on your farm operations?
21. Do you plan to access online educational programming? *
22. What are the best days to engage in online programming?
23. What are the best times of day to engage in online programming?
24. What are barriers for you access online programming?
25. Use this space for further comments or questions
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