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Please use this for if you want to develop a trading strategy
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How do you plan to enter the market? Please describe what has to happen on the market in order for you to enter a position. What is the trigger? *
Will you be entering the market using market orders? If it is limit orders or stop market/limit orders please explain at what levels we should place them and what are the conditions for them to be taken down if they are not filled.
How do you plan to exit the market? Please describe what has to happen on the market in order for you to exit a position. Also include information which orders you want to use. *
Are you planning splits? For example example, enter with 10 contracs and hen close half at profit 1 and close the other half using trail.  *
Are you planning scale ins? So if a position is opened are we allowed to open more or we wait untill it is closed? *
Do you plan to manually interact with the strategy? If yes, please describe how. *
Please list indicators that you plan to use with your strategy. *
Do you think your strategy should execute on tick or on bar close? *
How experienced are you with NinjaTrader *
Do you want the strategy to be also excuted through he historical part of the chart and be used to backtests? *
Do you plan to use optimization? *
Please provide at least one example of the market (symbol and timeframe) where you mostly plan to trade the system. *
What bar types are you planning to use? *
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