SFUSD PK-5 Language Arts Core Curriculum Review Team Application  

Application Period: October 3rd- October 18th 

Visit this link for a document with all of this information and important dates:  https://tinyurl.com/SFUSDReviewTeamApplication

If you want to  learn more about the process for selecting materials and application please attend Review Team Info Session on any of the following dates/times:


Vision and Purpose. San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) is committed to ensuring equitable outcomes for all students. In  service of this mission, SFUSD is seeking research and standards-aligned elementary Language Arts core curricular materials to support teachers in facilitating a strong foundation in literacy for all SFUSD students for years to come. 

Language Arts Core Curriculum Review Team Overview. SFUSD is seeking a representative team including; PK-5 educators, site leaders, SPED educators,  literacy interventionists, instructional coaches, parents and community members to review and select PK-5 Elementary Language Arts Core curriculum. The team will  focus its review on three different options; each option “meets criteria” on EdReports and received high rubric scores from the SFUSD Adoption Leadership Team (which also considered alignment to district initiatives around foundational literacy, universal design for learning, and our deeper learning framework). The review team will dive deeper into each of these  resources to determine which resources will be field tested by teachers and students during the Spring of 2023 school year and continuing into 2023-2024.  

Review Team Member Benefits. This is an exciting opportunity to influence the selection of materials that will  support Tier 1 literacy instruction in San Francisco for years to come. Members of the review team will receive training on the SFUSD curriculum selection rubric. Members will have the opportunity to dive deep into resources, hear from vendors,  review print and digital materials and collaborate with peers. Members will then share their reflections and  recommendations to inform which material(s) move forward to pilot. Members of this team may have an  opportunity to participate in the pilot and vote on which curriculum to recommend to the board for a targeted  district-wide launch in SY24-25.

**SFUSD Staff Members will be compensated for 23 hours time spent outside the contracted workday.**

Review Team Representation. We are seeking a team that represents the diversity of our student body, linguistically, regionally and racially, as well as diversity of experience and perspective of our varied stakeholders: 
Time Commitment 
Note:  **SFUSD Staff Members will be compensated for 23 hours  time spent outside the contracted workday.**
I agree to participate in all 23 hours of training which includes synchronous and asynchronous sessions. (Note: **SFUSD Staff Members will be compensated for 23 hours  time spent outside the contracted workday.**)
Review Team Member Commitments:
1. Participate in ALL training: a combination of synchronous and asynchronous training, materials review, and collaborative discussion between Late October 2022 through January 2023. SFUSD staff participants will receive extended hour pay for attending and participating in the following commitments.

2. Work collaboratively with review team members to recommend curricula for field testing beginning with PK-2 in the Spring of 2023 and continuing into 2023-2024 school year.

3. Teacher participants consider piloting the curricula in the field test. We will ask those piloting in the field test to consider participating in peer or leader observation and feedback to inform the pilot.

Any questions about the commitments?
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