Moving away during the pandemic
Maybe you decided to move out of a dense city to get some space during the pandemic. Maybe your finances have taken a hit and you need to live in a more affordable area. Maybe now that your job is remote, you've moved back home to save some money this year. Maybe you were always going to leave but sped up your move due to COVID. Maybe you haven't actually moved, but have seriously fantasized about it recently.

We want to talk about your thoughts and experiences on urban vs suburban vs rural living over the past year for an upcoming Refinery29 story.
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1. Have you moved during COVID-19? *
2. Where did you move? What was the biggest reason you moved? Is it a permanent situation?
3. Have you seriously thought about moving away this year? Why, and what places are you considering?
4. What percentage of income do you spend on rent currently? If you moved recently, how much did you used to spend on rent? *
5. What factors did you consider before moving? Did you create a budget breakdown of how much you'd save? A pros and cons list?
6. Have you delayed a planned move because of COVID-19?
7. In your view, has the attraction of living in a big, expensive city changed because of COVID-19? *
8. Has your opinion on where you live changed over the course of the pandemic?
9. If you could live anywhere in the world right now, where would it be? *
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