Economic Development Business Survey
In connection with the City of Paso Robles and as part of a Strategic Plan Update, we value your feedback and invite you to take this important survey.
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How many employees do you have, including yourself? (2 part time = 1 full-time) *
How long have you lived in the Paso Robles area?
In which primary sector is your business? *
What is your primary objective for your business? *
What are the challenges to realizing your business objectives? *
How is your business doing in sales and/or revenue compared to last year?
What is your overall business outlook for the next 12 months?
Does your company plan to add or reduce jobs in the coming year?
Would you say it is easy or difficult to start/do business in Paso Robles?
If "easy" or "difficult," please provide at least one example.
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What do you feel are Paso’s strengths as a place to do business? (please select all that apply)
What do you feel are Paso’s weaknesses as a place to do business? (please select all that apply)
Do you see any barriers to overall business growth in the community?
If "yes," please explain.
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What would help our community increase economic activity? (please select all that apply)
Of the following, which issues do you feel are the most important to continued economic growth in Paso Robles? (please select up to 3)
How often do you and your family shop online or outside of Paso Robles?
If "frequently" or "occasionally", can you share why you shop elsewhere?
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