Vote for Listing on ViteX (1st Round)
The official version of ViteX will be released in the near future. Now as a significant part of ViteX, VGATE now has launched a vote for listing. We really appreciate your voice and participation. ViteX always thanks your support!

The details of ViteX
ViteX is a decentralized exchange developed on the top of VITE public chain, which not only its technology is decentralized, but also its ownership, operation and income right. The income right is counted by VX, and all income happened on ViteX will be allocated to VX holders.
ViteX is a decentralized exchange of community, for community and by community and also the first decentralized exchange on the top of DAG.

ViteX's Testing Website:
Vite Official Website:
ViteX Twitter:
ViteX Telegram:


1. Multiple choices, but one IP can only vote for one cryptocurrency one time.
2. VGATE will list the top three coins directly.
3. To ensure fairness, qualifications will be cancelled once cheating is discovered.
4. All rights are reserved by ViteX.

Durationg: May 14, 2019 to May 30, 2019
Any question please sent a personal message to VGATE Twitter: 

Please contact this email address if you want to list a coin or token

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