Private ARC Review Team Application
Hello ARC reader!

You are invited to join Award-Winning Author Deborah Garland’s PRIVATE ARC (Advance Review Copy) Team.

As a PRIVATE ARC team member, you will receive an ARC link directly from Deborah (via Bookfunnel) up to FIVE days before the ARC is available on other sites such as Booksprout.

You’ve been selected to join the PRIVATE ARC team based on your stellar review performance (timely/quality) in the past.

Quality reviews posted as close to a book’s release date is vital to a new release success.

Deborah will be releasing a brand-new steamy COWBOY series. There are four books planned for the following release dates (dates may change slightly):

The Cowboy’s Last Song- Book 2- March 11, 2021
The Cowboy’s Accidental Wife- Book 3- April 20, 2021
The Cowboy’s Rebel Heart Chance -Book 4- June 1 2021
The Cowboy's Christmas Bride, Book 5- August 30 2021

The new series starts with a spicy free read (The Cowboy’s Forbidden Crush) which you will receive as a gift from Deborah as a thank you. If there will be more books, Deborah or her assistant will notify you as early as possible.

PRIVATE ARCs will be made available up to 15 days prior to release, while public ARCs will be available 10 days prior.

More information about this series can be found on Deborah’s WEBSITE (

If you have any questions please email Svetlana VA at

To be considered for the PRIVATE ARC team please answer the following questions:

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Are you currently in good standing with Amazon to leave a review? (Reviewers must spend $50 on Amazon per year to qualify to leave a review. This is an Amazon review policy, not Deborah’s) *
Do you currently have an account to leave reviews on Goodreads? *
Do you agree to read the ARC and post your honest and constructive review on our before the release date? *
Do you acknowledge that if you are unable to leave a review for one of the books, you may not receive the next book in the series to review? (We understand life gets in the way, if you are having an issue, please reach out to Deborah’s assistant.) *
Do you agree to not download a copy on another platform if you receive a direct link from Deborah? (Booksprout limits ARCs per book and Deborah would like as many reviewers to have access to her ARCs). *
Have you ever reviewed any of my books for me? *
I understand this ARC is unedited. I understand that it is a violation of federal copyright law to share, copy, or distribute this ARC in any way. I understand that my individual ARC copy is marked with a code to identify it and prevent unauthorized distribution. I agree not to share upload, distribute, pirate, replicate or otherwise copy this ARC. *
I acknowledge that being part of the PRIVATE ARC TEAM, Deborah will add me to her newsletter for COMMUNICATION purposes only about ARCs. *
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