Community Resource Survey
The Bob Jones community is full of people with experiences and knowledge that can benefit our students and we want to utilize those human resources in the best way possible.

We are asking that each Bob Jones family complete at least one resource survey, helping us to collect information about how you (or people you know) can be a part of that resource pool. If multiple adults will be completing the survey, please fill one survey out per person.

Feel free to share this survey link with co-workers, relatives, or community members that you know would like to support Bob Jones in this way. We would like to find a variety of resources, both within and outside of occupational realms. (For example, you may be an accountant who makes pottery as a hobby and you might be willing to share your expertise/experience in both these areas.)

Thank you so much for completing this survey and sharing the link with anyone else in our community that may be interested in serving as a valuable resource for Bob Jones students!

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