ISKCON Ljubljana-Accommodation Form 2021
Welcome dear devotees

This form is meant to inquire for and/or to reserve an accommodation in the ashram facilities of ISKCON Ljubljana - Nava Yogapitha Temple, Žibertova 27, Ljubljana, Slovenia. We are obliged to inform the local police about your staying in the temple and we kindly ask you to give us all the data required bellow.

our location

For other accommodation outside temple facilities please try the following options:


Temple has limited accommodation facilities for approximately 50 devotees.

Daily fee (prasadam and overnight stay) for devotees staying in temple is 15 € per day for devotees from ex-YU countries and 20 € for other devotees, prasadam included.

Daily cost of prasadam for devotees staying outside of the temple is 10 € per day for devotees from ex-YU countries and 15 € per day for other devotees.

In case you will not sleep in the temple but you would like to take prasadam please inform about that Saumya datri devi das on her e-mail address:

FOR ADDITIONAL INFO please contact or Saumya datri devi dasi on mobile phone: 00 386 31 801 077.


1. Please, register at the reception. You will get a bracelet, which will be
checked at the time of prasadam. Only registered guests, who have also
payed the fee, are allowed to stay in the temple overnight. The devotee in
charge is Saumya datri devi dasi.

­ 2. Parking is allowed only in the assigned parking lots, in most places you will
have to buy a parking ticket during the weekday (from 7.00 am to 19.00 pm).
Do not park elsewhere or the crane will probably take away your car. Also
don’t block with your car other parked cars, garages and be especially careful with our

3. Please do not bring into temple room your own instruments (karatals included) if not agreed
with the person in charge. We would like to respect the volume limits in order
to keep our ears undamaged.

4. Our desire is to show respect to our neighbours and to not disturb them.
So please don’t chant on the street in front of temple, also do not speak
loudly there, especially not before 7am and not late in the evening after

5. You are most welcome to perform some service during your stay in the
temple. Such festivals are a great opportunity to get many blessings of
vaisnavas by serving them. Coordinators for services is Saumya datri dd.
More info at Reception desk.

6. We have arranged for an AC system in the temple room, so leave opening
and closing of the windows to devotees in charge for this.

7. In order to respect privacy of guests it is not allowed to broadcast them in
live on FB or other social media without their explicit permission. Exempt are
lecturers and musicians. Devotee in charge – Urukrama das.

8. Please, take care for your small children and for their safety do not leave
them without supervision in the temple buildings, shop or on the street.

9. Take care of your personal belongings (mobile phones, wallets), because
we had some instances of valuable things disappearing.

10. Please, don't unnecessarily waste Krishna's energy (water, electricity,
prasada, etc. )

11.Since temple is a monastery we kindly ask you to respect some guidelines,
like following the morning programs, appropriate dress code (women should
cover their legs, men should not walk around without shirts, in no moment
you should walk in any of the rooms, bathrooms naked etc.), following 4
regulative principles while staying in the temple.

05.00 Mangala arati
05.45 Japa
07.30 Darshan
07.40 Prabhupada guru puja
08.00 Class
09.00 Breakfast (it may vary during the festival)
10.00 Morning services (seva), association with devotees and free time
13:30 Lunch (it may vary during the festival)
20.15 Evening prasadam
22.00 Night rest (it may vary during the festival)


In case you have a fever or some signs of COVID please stay at home and get healty:)
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