Munchkins Play O'Cafe
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The intent of this survey is to determine the marketability of a parent-supervised indoor Kids play space for children 8 and under. The main goal is to provide fun filling space where children can run, climb, swing, crawl, balance, jump. Some of the attractions will include a soft contained play structure with a slide, wall climbing, a ball pit, tube crawl etc, and a separate toddler/crawler Area. The center comes with a cafeteria area and a private party room for birthday parties and other types of celebrations. Let us know what you think by completing our survey.
1. After reading the description above, how interested are you in this product? *
2. How likely are you to recommend this product to someone you know? *
3. What town/city and country do you currently live in? *
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4. What age are your children? *
5. Would you use an indoor party and kid’s soft play facility if it was available in your area?
6. On average, how often do you take your kids to indoor children's play center if available in your area? *
7. What day/days are you most likely to visit a play center?(Tick any that are relevant) *
8. What time of day would you usually arrive at a play center? *
9. What is the approximate cost you would spend for a kids in soft play area per hour? *
10. If there was a coffee shop/café near to you that catered for both parents and kids and provided access to baby/toddler play area would you use it? *
11. Would you prefer hosting your kid’s birthday party in places like café accompanied kids play area? *
12. How would you like to hear any updates or promotions and information for this facility? *
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