2020 Year 10 Subject Selections
Please make your subject selections by Friday 13th September, 2019.
Please note, not all subjects offered may run in 2020 due to small numbers of students selecting the subject. Where a student misses out on a subject because it is not running, they will be placed in their next preference.
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Compulsory English
Year 10 students are not required to make a selection for English at this stage. Students will be informed of themes and texts to be studied in 2020 early in Term 4.
Compulsory Maths *
Humanities & Science Subjects
Please note, Humanities and Science classes cannot be repeated. You are required to select a different Humanities and Science subjects in Semester 2. The only exception to this is General Science, which may be chosen both semesters.
Please note: Students wanting to select VCE Biology Unit 1 (whole year) will need to choose it in the VCE section)
Compulsory Humanities Semester 1 *
Compulsory Humanities Semester 2 *
Compulsory Science Semester 1 *
Compulsory Science Semester 2 *
VCE / VET Subjects
VCE / VET subjects are selected for the entire year. Please note, a VCE / VET class will only run if there is enough students to run the class. If you have selected VCE Maths in the Maths section, please select it again here. It is not compulsory to select a VCE / VET subject.
Wanting to repeat a subject?
The following subjects CANNOT be repeated if you have already done them in Year 9:
Multimedia; Gamemaker; Animation; Café Foods; Food Technology; Baking; Global Foods; Forensic Science; Disaster Science; Astronomy; 3D Sculpture; Visual Communication & Design; Skate Deck.
Semester 1 Subjects
Please select a further 5 subjects in PREFERENCE ORDER for Semester 1 next year.
Please DO NOT pick the same subjects twice in the one semester.
Please note: Some subjects run for one semester only and are not able to be repeated in Semester 2. These subjects are indicated in the drop down form.
There are a range of cost free subjects, as well as subjects incurring a cost for students to select from. Subjects which incur a fee, have the cost listed next to the subject name.
To ensure curriculum breadth, please select no more than two PE subjects each semester.
1.1 Semester 1 Subject Selections
1.2 Semester 1 Subject Selections
1.3 Semester 1 Subject Selections
1.4 Semester 1 Subject Selections
1.5 Semester 1 Subject Selections
Wanting to repeat a subject in Semester 2?
The following subjects CANNOT be repeated if you have already done them in Year 9 or Semester 1, Year 10:
English Language; Multimedia; Gamemaker; Animation; Baking; International Foods; Forensic Science; Astronomy; 3D Sculpture; Visual Communication & Design; Skate Deck.
2.1 Semester 2 Subject Selections
2.2 Semester 2 Subject Selections
2.3 Semester 2 Subject Selections
2.4 Semester 2 Subject Selections
2.5 Semester 2 Subject Selections
Don't forget to check
Have you put in five different subjects in each semester?
Are you subjects in preference order?
Make sure that you don't have more than 2 PE subjects per semester.

Thank you for filling in your subject selections for 2020.
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