Snohomish County Food Project
The Snohomish County Food Project is a Project started by the Snohomish County Rotaract Club. The Goal of this project is to benefit the food banks and supply non perishable foods to them within Snohomish County. We have a team that will go around to our food donors doors, pick up a bag of food (bag is provided by us) and then deliver to the Food banks.

How it will work:

1 A volunteer called a “Neighborhood Coordinator” recruits neighbors to be Food Donors, usually by canvassing (i.e going door to door). Their “neighborhood” can be any size—a few houses, a whole street, or several blocks.

2 When a Food Donor signs up, the NC gives them a reusable green Food Project bag. We suggest that each week, the donor buy one extra non-perishable grocery item while shopping, take it home and store it in the bag.

3 During the two months between pickups, NCs email or call their Food Donors at least twice to remind them of the date of the next pickup.

4 Every two months, on the 2nd Saturday (Feb., April, June…), each donor puts their bag of food outside their front door. The Neighborhood Coordinator picks up all the bags in their neighborhood and leaves thank you cards and empty bags for the next time.

5 The Neighborhood Coordinator takes the bags to a designated drop-off point, usually the local food bank. Volunteers are waiting there to unload the food, weigh it, and distribute or shelve it. It’s an exciting event with a celebratory atmosphere.

6 Thatʼs all there is to it. Then it starts all over again.

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