Registration HGC2019 Indoor
- MOSTLY INDICA AND MOSTLY SATIVA CATEGORIES ARE ALREADY FULL: you can still register but will be put on the reserves list. You might still be able to get a spot, as last year most people on the reserves list came through.
- NO CALI: only European grown and processed
- NO COFFEESHOPS, NO CLUBS: breeders, seed companies and homegrown only
- MAX 3 CATEGORIES: two of the same not allowed.
- SOLVENT you can only enter if you are using professional equipment. Unsure if you can enter? Contact us.
- Try to be as complete as possible.
- Something unclear? Contact us at info(at)homegrowncup(dot)nl
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There will be a fee of 50 euros per entry, paid cash at the drop off day (June 14th) *
I like to bring a friend (only if you enter ONE category, costs 30 euros extra)
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