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I LOVE to help parents as they are moving on their hero journeys, and helping their kids do the same.

I am a trained life coach and 20 year veteran homeschool mom, so I love to help answer your questions!

You've got two options:
1 - Submit a question via this form and I will answer it during a podcast
2 - Request a mentoring session with your question. We will record it as I help you go more in depth on your question and help you find answers. Don't worry, no judgement here, and I won't make you do anything. :)

This is not a religious podcast per se, but it can be mentioned in the context of your journey/your story. We are not preaching religion here, though. Bad or negative language is strongly discouraged, mothers and often their children are listening. Besides, language is powerful, so let's use the best uplifting language we have!

We will record the interview on Zoom. It should take about 20-30 minutes.
A mic and headphones make for better sound quality but not required.
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