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Please list all the locations for the project. Be as detailed as possible. Include exact addresses, that we have permission to fly/film those locations, do we have access to the sites, are they public places, private property,etc?
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Are there any dangers on site?
Is the venue prepared and ready to be captured?
Do we have permission from land owner?
Do we require a safety induction to gain access to the site?
Is specific clothing required on site?
What is required for this job?
How do you want the image files delivered?
Skip this question if not requiring images.
How do you want the video files delivered?
Skip this question if not requiring video.
Please provide written brief as to what is most important to get in the shots?
We will use this to work up the shot list. It is very important if the client has a particular shot they are trying to capture, that it is noted here. Also include what the end product is trying to achieve. If you have a storyboard or any material to further understand the project, please send to us via email to
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Are there any subjects that you want the property in relation to?
i.e, City, Beach, Main Roads, etc?
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Prior Examples?
Are there any prior examples that you can list/link, that show what you are trying to achieve?
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Are there any special conditions for weather?
Sunny day, overcast, etc. Remember the more factors listed here may limit the available days we have to shoot the job.
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Are there any particular camera requirements?
Type of camera needed, video specs, frame-rates, resolutions, lenses, etc.
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