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Have you ever owned or lived with a Bloodhound before? IMPORTANT - Please tell us a little about your experience, if any, with this breed in the comments box at the end of the form. *
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Please tell us about the current pets in your household. Choose the first answer that applies in this list, then see the next question - there you can tell us about your other pets. We need to know the breed, sex, age, spayed or neutered (if a dog), personality etc. This will help us make a good match for your current pets as well as for you! *
Please tell us about the other pets in your home - species, breed, age, sex, spayed or neutered, personality etc. If you have dogs, how do they behave with other dogs. *
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Is everyone in the household in favor of fostering a bloodhound? If anyone is not happy with the idea, please explain why you want to go ahead. *
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Where does the dog sleep at night? *
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Would you consider fostering a dog that needed Heartworm treatment (dog crated except for essential pottying and limited activity during treatment that could last 2-3 months) *
Could you care for a dog undergoing other forms of medical treatment? For example, recovery from surgery, on antibiotics, on insulin, special diet, allergies, ear infections etc.? Please explain what you feel comfortable about dealing with or if there are some medical conditions that you would not want to deal with. *
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