Pre-order SunTen RespireAid 预购-顺天堂 天冠10
In response to the global pandemic, Taiwan’s Tri-Service General Hospital (TSGH) and the National Research Institute of Chinese Medicine (NRICM) have teamed up in order to cooperatively develop an effective herbal formulation, named RespireAid.

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, RespireAid possesses the following therapeutic functions:
- Release the exterior and diffuse the lung
- Clear heat and detoxicate
- Soothe the chest to dispel phlegm
- Harmonize the stomach and downward qi.

1. Directions
Take 1 sachet (5g) 2~4 times daily directly or with 400cc water half hour after meals.

2. Indications
Help clear external pathogenic contractions, help improve shortness of breath, help clear lung, help relieve fever, help suppress cough, help relieve headache and body pain, help relieve sore throat, help stop runny nose.


1. 用法用量  
成人每次1包(5g),一天 2~4 次。三餐饭後半小时服用。可直接口服或搭配 400cc 开水服用。

2. 适应症  

3. 效能

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