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Do you ever feel like you are pushing the wrong rock up the wrong hill? Tiring isn't it? Brute-force sales, social media, Adwords and SEO? Trying to tell the same story louder than everyone else? Sounds hard. Not cheap either.

Now imagine you had the creative ideas that LIFT everything? Pulling you and your business up like a hot air balloon? What would that feel like? You'd be able to jump, clasp on and pilot your business to new heights right?

Working with COFFEE is high energy and solutions focused. Creative Caffeination TM, we give you the enthusiasm that comes with knowing you are moving in the right direction, and a direction that is uniquely your own. As an entrepreneur myself I am committed to providing the strategic and creative solutions that get you from ARGH! to AHHHH!

Take the first step to soaring! If you thoughtfully answer the questions in the ThinkSheet below, or find the answers where you don't have them, you will have new tools to be more successful. Don't sleep.

When you are ready to take the next step, the information you've provided will give COFFEE a running start to help you find your opportunities to leap forward toward your goals. Don't have all the answers? We can tackle that in your first session.

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We all have a story
Your Origin Story and Superpower
When you think of your Origin Story, think of a Spiderman comic book. Because Spiderman was bitten by a radioactive spider... he can climb walls... he can shoot webs... and he has spidey senses. But he can't blast lasers from his eyes or freeze evil villains with a beam of ice. The origin story of your product, business location (building), or the city where you do business can also be a source of inspiration and equity for your brand. When you build of an honest historical story, what you create will have more power than something you create with no foundation in its origin.

Recognizing what you can do that few others can is a key to unlocking your opportunity to be remarkable in the marketplace. This is your Superpower. For example if a hotel owner also runs a construction company, or a project manager opens a bakery, they bring unique skills that their competitors don't have. The hotel owner can provide to scale floor plans for his special event customers. And the project manager baker can get you your chicken pot pie faster and hotter than the other guy, every time.

Identifying your "Superpower" (the rare combination of skills that make you uniquely valuable) is a powerful launching pad can give you a powerful boost!

Closely related to your Superpower is your Kryptonite, the weakness that you recognize you need to address to thrive (and stay alive).

What is your Origin Story? How did you get into business and what is the history of your product or place? *
What is your Superpower? What unique combination of skills do you or your team have that your competitors do not? *
What is your Kryptonite? What skills/powers do you think you are missing? If you could call in a few helpers to support your success what superpowers would they have? *
Brand Promise
When you know your brand promise, every decision that follows is easier and faster. A central brand promise is a guide for all stakeholders in your business when they are making decisions even when you are not around.

One COFFEE brand promise is to respect your time and money. One of the ways we express this promise is by having an application form that helps you advance before we meet. Another brand promise is to deliver more creative energy than we consume. A way we express this part if our brand is... well you'll see :)

Example Brand Promises
If your business disappeared from the face of the earth. What would the world miss out on? *
What are the 3 brand promises that you deliver on/plan to deliver on? *
Your Unique Position
Establishing a unique (and desirable) position is one of the most effective things you can do to improve your odds of success. Your position can be established through your product, service levels, price, location and marketing/branding.

COFFEE's position is invigoratingly creative consulting delivered in digestible doses. We are more convenient, more creative and deliver more value more quickly than others.

Many businesses make the mistake of trying to be the same. Being "the same" is asking to be forgotten. The number one thing to determine is "how are we different"?

On the chart below you can see there is an "opportunity" for a human of simple means to hold a unique space in the superhero universe. Put if they chose to do battle with a super wealthy human, they have a battle on their hands against Iron Man and Batman.

Example Brand Positioning Chart
Have you defined your position versus substitute or competitor products or services? *
What do you do differently or better than anyone in the market place? What is your position. i.e. We are the ... fastest, cheapest, most educational, scariest, most convenient or most expensive. Please describe clearly.
You're unique so this can't be a generic form. What else do I need to know about you or your business? *
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