Luton Sports Network financial support application December 2017
Luton Sports Network (LSN), grants are provided to support to individuals, sports clubs and organisations from Luton for the promotion and development of amateur sport.

In order to be eligible to apply for an LSN grant from the applicant must fulfil the following criteria:
1. Be an individual who resides within Luton Borough Council boundaries, or plays / coaches regularly within a Luton club OR be a sports club / organisation that is Luton based and has their home venue within the borough boundaries
2. Be involved in any sport that is recognised by Sport England and is working to ensure more equitable participation.

Although LSN tries to support sport from all areas there are some restrictions on the funding available from us. Grants are not given to:
• Meet the costs of “routine sport” e.g. personal kit or equipment, membership / affiliation fees etc.
• Professional sports people i.e. those earning a living through sport.
• Meet the cost of courses that are undertaken for financial gain.
• To Schools and similar educational establishments, however LSN may be able to provide advice and assistance in applying for other sources of grant aid.

Grant Application Funding Rounds
One major change to the grants process from May 2015 is the introduction of competitive funding rounds. The Sports Network has limited funds available to distribute, and wishes to support as many individuals, sports clubs and organisations as possible. To help do this we are now limiting grants to a maximum of £500 to be awarded via competitive rounds that are held twice a year – May and November. All the grants applications received by LSN will be scored using the criteria outlined below with the top scoring grants receiving funding. If an application is unsuccessful, there is no limit on how many times you can re-apply to receive funding. In addition, applicants will also receive advice and support on other sources of funding available.

Please note that in circumstances where an applicant may be able to apply elsewhere, the Sports Network may reserve the right to defer a decision until the outcome of the other application is known.

Making an application
When applying for a grant, you can do so either as an individual or as a sports club / organisation. Applications can be made under one or more of the following categories:

• Events, e.g.: putting on an event – this can include sponsorship of trophies etc.
• Coaching, e.g.: completing a coaching course
• Volunteers, e.g.: development and support of volunteers - covering costs of training or DBS clearances
• Performance, e.g.: Attending a competition and purchase of equipment

We wish to remind applicants to complete the application form as fully as possible. The more detail you provide us, in particular with regards to the impact the grant will have to you and / or your sports club / organisation, the more likely it will be that your application will be successful.

To improve the process, applications are now completed via an on-line system at:

You can also upload supporting documentation to the website, such as copies of certificates or evidence of match funding. Once you have completed the application and submit it, the system automatically generates a unique reference number for you and sends you a confirmation e-mail. Your application is then automatically sent to the LSN Grants Secretary to review ahead of the next funding round.

Following the funding round, applicants are informed on whether or not their application has been successful. The LSN Grants Secretary will contact applicants to confirm how much funding they will receive and the process of drawing down the money.

The following limits will apply to applications:
• Maximum of £500 per club / individual per application round. This can be a combination of applications across categories. Funding per category is up to:

• Events: £200
• Volunteers: £150
• Coaching: £150 towards cost of a Level 1 course
£250 towards cost of a Level 2 or above
• Performance: £100 for a National Competition
£250 for an International Competition

Payments will be made by BACS upon completion of courses / competitions and submission of evidence, e.g.: receipt of a coaching certificate. However, the LSN will have the ability to provide funding in advance where it is deemed necessary to do so e.g.: events where equipment is needed. In this instance a funding agreement will need to be signed.

Scoring Criteria
• Luton Resident: 10 points
• Luton Club: 40 points

• Repeat application (albeit the application will be eligible for funding): 0 points
• Repeat application, but new category: 10 points
(per new
• New application: 50 points

• Match Funding (to nearest percentage):
o 0%: 0 points
o 25%: 20 points
o 50%: 30 points
o 75%: 40 points
o 100%: 50 points

• Impact and reach
The impact and reach of an application will be reviewed by the committee and points will be awarded based on their assessment on how much the funding will help develop and increase participation sport within Luton. (Points per category): Up to:
o New club / group application: 30 points
o Staff / Coach Development: 50 points
o Performance: 20 points
o Event / competition: 30 points

Monitoring and Evaluation
Depending on the category they apply to, clubs will be required to undertake / submit the following:
• Ensure that the LSN is recognised as funding / sponsoring events with the use of banners, flags (provided by LSN) or name engraved on trophies etc
• Include the LSN logo on their website and hyperlink to LSN website
• Ensure that the LSN is mentioned in any press releases associated with the event, competition, course etc.
• Where identified provide a case study / report on how the funding has made a difference / impact on their club / athlete, e.g.: how has it developed them
• Provide any key Performance Indicators or Statistics as required

Please note that the Luton Sports Network will publish a list of successful applicants for promotional purposes.

Further information
For further information, or if you have any questions or queries, please contact the LSN Grants Secretary via e-mail: or the Active Luton Head Office: 01582 400272.

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