Interest Form: Consultancy for Native Speakers of Languages of Languages Other Than English
Elevation Educational Consulting Group is hosting an information session for native speakers of languages other than English. This info session will be hosted on May 6th at 6:30pm Eastern Time on zoom. We will provide you with the link once you complete this form. If you are unavailable for the info session please still fill this out form to be on our list. **If you are filling this out past 10am on May 6th it is likely too late for you to get the link for the info session but will be put on the list of possible consultants.

This info session will:
-Give an overview of Elevation Educational Consulting Group (EECG) (
-Explain upcoming and possible consultancy opportunities
-Introduce some of EECG's current consultants and give you a chance to have small group discussions with them.

We invite those who are native speakers of languages other than English because we are invested in having a strong and diverse team. While we appreciate those who learned languages through the educational system we are hoping to ensure we have those who are also culturally connected to the communities that speak the languages.

Beyond your language skills we are looking for consultants who are skilled and knowledgeable in the following topics:
All below topics are focused in Alternative and Adult Education. You must be in Adult Education or highly interested in learning about this field.

-Facilitation/Training (Can also be trained by EECG in facilitation if needed but must have an interest in it)
-Instruction (can be current teacher or instructional lead)
-WIOA and Adult Ed Regulations (Fed or State level)
-Low-Literacy Adult Ed
-Workforce Development/CTE
-Multi-generational Education
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