WE ARE NOT A PLAYGROUND: An Open Letter to the Organisation and Board of BredaPhoto and Skatepark Pier15

We are addressing to you this open letter to voice our concerns about your commissioned work ‘Destroy My Face’ by Erik Kessels. As a group of artists, photographers, designers and creatives, most of us encountered the work on our social media feeds earlier this week (as BredaPhoto, Erik Kessels and Skatepark Pier15 started posting images of it). We felt not only objectified and targeted by this piece - but disappointed that it made it through the selection process and production at all. In this letter, we do not only want to point out our problems with the work but also to urge you to present an explanation of the selection processes, funding and your future plans.


As you are well aware, the work in question consists of large images of people (presenting female) that have undergone plastic surgery rendered by an algorithm made by Erik Kessels. During BredaPhoto, the visual representation of these people is to be shredded to pieces and ultimately destroyed by skaters. We hoped that we would find a clear statement surrounding this project on your website, as Kessels’ work is usually evocative and accessible for a broader audience. Instead, we got a one-dimensional, short text that does not mention anything about the algorithm that was used.

With a title like 'Destroy My Face', we assume that the point of this work was to elicit a response like this. It is in your face, pointed, and most of all, violent. This title, as well as your decision to place this work on the floor of a skatepark where female-presenting individuals can be trampled and skated over by skaters, reproduces this sentiment.  By placing this work in a public space like Skatepark Pier15, another insult to injury is added. Skateparks and other public spaces should be places that are open and free to use by all who wish to come, and where people should not be ridiculed or judged based on what they look like.

Women may now “control the most powerful economic institutions in the world and play superheroes in Hollywood films”, as BredaPhoto says in their 2019/2020 starting point pamphlet [https://www.bredaphoto.nl/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/BredaPhoto-Pamphlet-DEF-EN.pdf], but their likeness is not respected at all.  A widely made argument and well-meaning response towards this work are that it sparks ‘useful discussion’. This argument does not hold up in today’s polarised climate: a climate where violent tendencies against women don’t just stop at being “problematic” or somebody being “cancelled”  - but have very real and harmful effects on half of the population of this planet. It is no longer up to others to decide what female-presenting faces and bodies should look like or are used for, especially not men.  “Your choices have consequences” (again, from BredaPhoto’s pamphlet): this action on BredaPhoto’s and Skatepark Pier15’s parts reflects poorly on the position that they take as cultural institutions within today’s climate of sexist behaviour and violence against women.


To those who question his methodology, Kessels produces a copy pasted response on Instagram. He states that since an algorithm rendered the images, the work is “democratically chosen”. This does not hold up - as, even within BredaPhoto, works have been presented by other artists that clearly show how algorithms are never neutral.

Just because Kessels used an algorithm to create this work does not mean that he as an artist and designer does not have the responsibility to look at the outcome critically and think about the message that he is putting out into the world. Even though he says that the renderings were done on both male and female-presenting individuals, he completely disregards any of the social, cultural and/or patriarchal implications of why more female-presenting people decide to have plastic surgery.

As somebody who has made a name for himself as somebody who knows how to analyse images critically, we cannot condone his blatant ignoring of sexist and racial biases present within (human-produced) algorithms. Instead of challenging these biases, or reflecting on them with care - he decided to stretch out their faces (without their permission or knowledge) and reproduce them to perpetuate the very same biases that caused them.


We would like to acknowledge the work and effort that goes into creating projects like these and know all too well how long it takes for a work to be greenlit, researched, conceptualised, produced and ultimately become suitable for visitors. It, therefore, feels incredibly jarring that this conversation was not held internally. We think that this speaks volumes not only about Kessels’ practice but about the field he exists and functions in. Art and cultural spaces should not be used as an easy excuse to display the inconsiderate works of artists, as there are more than enough ways to create meaningful and empathic discourse around controversial topics that don’t include the continued marginalising and discriminating of other human beings. As an art institution and your specific recurring role within Breda’s cultural field, we find that you need to take responsibility rather than see yourselves as something that is “outside of society”.

We are beyond disappointed in this work by Erik Kessels, especially seeing his history in widely representational work, and Skatepark Pier15, as an open cultural space. More importantly, we are frustrated with BredaPhoto. As one of the more prominent photo-festivals in the Netherlands, BredaPhoto has the potential to talk about and stand against stigma and toxic systems in our (visual) culture but has nevertheless decided to fund this project. A work that does nothing but reinforce clichés in our visual culture while it shames and degrades the choices that people have made in regards to their own bodies. We cannot excuse the rampant sexism, racism and other biases that are still so ingrained within our cultural institutions - especially not in the difficult financial times of today where it is already hard enough to get projects funded. We do not understand how BredaPhoto accepted, financed and executed this proposal - and know that you can do better.


1. Remove the work from your programme and Skatepark Pier15, and make a statement.

2. Be transparent with your community about each step taken with this work from now on, and what you will do in order to prevent this from happening again.

3. Take responsibility for your own (institution’s) faults, and fight for structural change sector-wide. A climate needs to be created where criticism is not met with a default, defensive response but with reflexivity, accountability and self-work.

We look forward to how you respond.

[UPDATE 13/09/2020]: BredaPhoto responded privately to the organisers of this petition: a text made up of copy/pasted texts taken from BredaPhoto's introduction text, as well as a short statement by the artist (Erik Kessels). This reply does not respond to any of the issues brought up in this petition, nor does it seem to take any responsibility for the work. The text can be read in the newly (and quietly) updated project statement of the work on BredaPhoto's website: https://www.bredaphoto.nl/destroy-my-face-erik-kessels/?lang=en. This is not enough.

[UPDATE 14/09/2020]: A lot has happened over the last couple of days. Our petition now has over 2000 signatures, we’ve been contacted by Netherlands-based and international media outlets and.... Breda Photo’s director once again privately invited two of our members to participate in a performative talk with Kessels. We have written a press release and update here [https://bit.ly/2Fr9OSu]. Like for this petition, we are open to feedback from those who sign - so let us know what you think, and spread the word if you agree - the precious snowflakes of @wearenotaplayground

[UPDATE 15/09/2020]: PIER15 SKATEPARK HAS DECIDED TO REMOVE THE WORK FROM THEIR SPACE (https://bit.ly/3iyliSx). We are incredibly happy that this first and very necessary step has been taken, but sadly it seems that BredaPhoto is not. They have released the following press statement, which articulates their regret of the park's decision to remove the work: https://bit.ly/2ZEN7B2 // WE ARE NOT A PLAYGROUND responded with their own press release here: https://bit.ly/32wvfKF 

FOR MORE UPDATES SEE: www.instagram.com/wearenotaplayground

Rolling list of signatures (You can still sign the open letter through the form below):

Jesse Dietschi, Jeroen Bouweriks (Artist), Prachi Bohra, Hannah Hurley, Sirus Gahan, Arne Naessens, Sarah Deiss, Rachel Hodgson, Evie Noel, LeRoy Michaelson, Hayden Bass, Ruth de Vries, Katharina von Stackelberg, Frank Verhoeven, Ingrid Enache, Kaily Blackburn, Darian Wall (Colorado Inclusive Skating), Shira Bar, Martha Coleman, Fiona Middleton (phototographer), Kyly Burrello, Heleen Peeters, Tayler Wilke, Chris Albiston, Remco van Bladel (Studio Remco van Bladel), Kim Wild (Amsterdam Roller Derby), Joffrey van der Vliet, Simone Jimena Rudolphi (photographer & campaigner for The Value Of Everyone), Jonathan Benz, Alex Fatemi, Caitlin Ann D’Agostino, Alexa Ashworth, Rebbie Elise, Leo Höckendorf, Ivelina Blaceva, Mary Beth, Matilda Trueblood, Radna Rumping, Elena Kholkina (artist), Harjanti Kertokarijo, La Digue DIY (France), Tom Muir, Elsa Groener, Olivia Heeney, Sky Hagedorn, Alexandra Hipwell, Edda Karólína Ævarsdóttir, Nicole Segers, Jade Kim (Designer), Ji hyung Song, Miri Melendrez, Dina Catalucci, Asli Kesler, Hillie de Rooij, Jos Brok, Hadaly Villasclaras, Emily Garthwaite, Tina Sejbjerg, Lisa Dal Lago (photographer), Marije Stigter, Adam Bencker, Leonie Sailer (Photographer), Feena McKinnell, Carolina de Almeida Guarino, Karina Zavidova, Sonia Verdiesen, Ilona Broeseliske, Asli Kesler, Deirdre Coyle Sanders, John Wiley (photographer), Jessica Bilavski (AMFI), Valerie Dray (Photographer), Irene de Gelder, James Hyman (Hyman Collection), Chloé Wells, Emilee Steinbeck, Simona Koutná, Kurt Salchli, Suzanne Loen, Sloan Laurits, Verena Figueiredo, Manuel Angel Piuri (History Professoriate Student and Researcher, National University of Luján), Remco Tonino, Mandy Richter, Laura Bivolaru (artist), Clement Saccomani, Maud van Uden, Remco Tonino, Florian Göttke, Danny Burrows (photographer, writer, editor), Aad Kuijper, Kerstin Hacker (Anglia Ruskin University), Jazmin Moreno, Stella Koppe (artist), Romy Yedidia, Bas Remmers (art curator), Jelani Isaacs, Sally Smart, Suzanne Plunkett (Photojournalist), Ranita Roy, Eugenie van Dijk( teacher), Amy Dickson, Mel Miles, Andrea Price (a step back), Dagmar Pouwelse , Joel Lardner, Anja Matthes, Laura Stevens, Wendy Walden, Veronica Sanchez, Dagmar Pouwelse, Alexis Blake (artist), Ellie Cooper, Ruth Anne Catubay, Maia Matches (comic artist/activist), Piffin Duvekot, Marloes Heineke (freelance picture-editor), Dagmar Pouwelse, Eleonora Agostini, Ane Santiago (Writer), Karen Brett, Aukje de Roos, Kari Anne Solfjeld Eid (Designer, Hoi! Oslo), Pauline Menendez (Graphic Designer), Frank Verhoeven, Maryam Rettelbach, Elizabeth Azen, Ben Stoddard (President Canada Skateboard), Chloe Elizabeth (graphic designer), Dagmar Pouwelse, Maggie O'Connor, Julian Crestian, Noa Wassink, Ari Green, Gena Haensel, Vanessa Scheel, Sofia Louisy, Hanneke van Leeuwen, Gisela Wright, Nikki Kirpestein, Kerry Weber (Switch and Signal Skatepark), Georgina Harris, Olivia Stotler, Mila Narjollet, Davide Ghelli Santuliana, Fernando garzia (breezywav), Samantha Chami (Cinematographer), Sylvia Beijnink (Collage artist), Elena Mileva, Koosje Cox (Fine Arts Student), Stichting Emancipator, Jos Borst, Stefan Groenendijk (skateboarder and photographer), Colin Pantall, Maria Sole Fratantoni, Maria Bacila, Felice Jacobson (Willem de Kooning academy alumni), Stela Bonova, John Beutner, Virginia Gelli, Alicia Mayor, Maritt Kuipers, Suzanne Dautzenberg, Kenneth Rioja, Renée Esther Helenes Tel, Noel Creamer (female skateboarder, firefighter and artist.), Jacy Wade (photographer), Sanne de Munck, Naomi Mason (Designer), Phoebe Stoeckel, Paula Munar, Josie Rae, Daan Bookelman, Yanka Dietvorst, Cedrin Wetsteijn, Gaëlle Bleuzen, Kendall Stevens-Raymond, Laura Davì (independent photo editor), Anne Rietbergen, Safwah Syakirah (Skateboarder, Photography student)), Laura Alex, Meggan Stewart (artist), Ankie van Kasteren, Indy van Lieshout, Karen Orme, Megan Leeuw, Ruby Best, Ryan Scharroo, Miriam Strehl, Mariana Lanari, Joana Sielemann, Violet Klaver, Juliette Chiapello, Valentina Abenavoli, Jo Claire Dodson (The Art School), Liza Szabó, Abigail Tjhay, Alina Atiq, Kitty Bons, Emma van de Wouw, Erika Lochs, Isa Pietsch ,Trinity Jones ,Suzanne Sanders, Lilianna Williams, Mary-Isabelle Laroche (Projectwheels), Zoe Graumann, Paz Ortúzar, Virginie Rebetez, Philippa Driest (KIOSK Rotterdam), Isa Kroon, Elania Hunt, Hanna Snijder (photographer), Frank Persijn, Theia Moktar, Helena Lee (Photographic artist), Antonia Sophie, Cäcilia Taddia, Molly Firmin, Angel Nicholls, Nelly Voorhuis (curator/researcher), Borislava Karadjova (illustrator), Erina Mesquita, Eliane Busstra, Erin Brings, Joel Foster, Inge Feenstra, Lucy Green, Esra Klein (Fotografie Forum Frankfurt), Jorah Terwisscha van Scheltinga, Hava Çetin Frank Persijn (ex teacher, coach/counselor), Diana Venkova, Eileen Sanders,Marlon Fenner, Stijn Nieuwenhuis, Vilma Kantanen, Paivi Wilenius, Klara Heichen, Laura Noble (LA Noble Gallery), Teza Soe, Lina van den Idsert (heritage professional), Rebecca Dunn, Jess Horwill, Dani Doubleday, Roel Traa, Froukje Smits (U on Board), Nelleke de Vries, Sophie Dorweiler, Louis Carter, Nina Kerkhove, Meredith Blake (skateboarder), Merel Visser, Lars de Wit, Whitney Drocco, Niki Schoondergang, Tomi Hilsee (DoeHetZelfWerkplaats), Jamie Hashimoto, Itziar Rodriguez, Lauren Devlin (University of Strathclyde), Nemo Koning, Sally Innis, Yannick Jonkers, Petra Stavast, Cole Jakob, Christopher McAuley, Victoria Barratt-Crane, Natalie Reyes, Joel SRL Padre, Grace Shelton, Frédérique Destribats (publisher), Emilis Simanski (skater), Angelica Thompson, Nina Hawkins, MaKhala Hollingsworth (skater), Maria Schindler, Vivien Justus, Natalie Das (@LasChicAZ), Exposure Skate, Stéphanie van wetering, Skate Rising, Jacob Barta, Alexandra Greenberg, Ebba Lundgren, Ela Komsul, Megs Gelfgot, Keep Her WILD, Simmony baran, Sean taggersell, Nel Samoy, Elijah tabb, Kimb Massey, Poppy young, Mia Tengco, Samantha Marie, Hattie Wade, La Min Moe Yan, Lauren Godbey, Noemi Verdiana Desirèe Bafumo (Graphic Designer), Janou Munnik, Alexandra Charette, Vittoria Chillon, Sissel Marie Tonn (artist & arts organizer), Helen Howell (Social Services), Roemer Declercq, Jenn St-Urbain, Sophie Douala, Imogen Hodgkins, Sophie Reitzenstein, Sabela Ros (Designer), Liz Possee Corthell, Tato Kobaladze, Sjondebaron (graphic designer), Annika Root, Natasha Mitchell-Wilson, Fleur Vanden Bosch (photographer), Julia Gat (photographer / WdKA), George Knegtel, Suzanne Wredenhagen, Louise Kirkham (data scientist, skater), Rachelle Huyser, Noora Krasniqi, Amber Rees (Falmouth university), Lisa Nuninga (Skater Rotterdam Roller Derby), Miriam Schliehe (costume design), David Lock, Maisy Jam, Verónica G. Cárdenas (Freelance Photojournalist), Stephen White, Yunjoo Kwak, Rachael Reynolds, Sheng Chen, Camila Bianchi, Dominique van Huijstee, Amanda Robling, Isaac Guard, SE15SK8, Mandy van Pelt (tattoo artist), Pierik Brands, Sanna Svelander, Pol Martin (SKATE ARCHITECTS), Tim Quinn, Michał Lenda (Artist), Laura Schäfer, Samantha Povey, Annemarie de Wit, Josephine Monen, Paul Hines,  Anais Bogaert (Belgianskatergxrls), Harry Garcia (Skateboarder), Zack Dowdy (Community advocate @RollingForRightsSD), Tara Celli, Nando Alvarez-Perez (The Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art/Artist), Kayara Johnson, Janae Escalera, Marieke Bremer (skater/psychologist), Bobbie Bock, Louis Tyler, Hayley McCarthy, Ingeborg Streefland, Andrea Friedli, Kat Mackenzie (event organiser), Ekemini Nkanta, Allison Merlino, Jordan Lathan (Skateboarder and graduate student at University of Oregon), Emily Pedersen, Beth Charlesworth, Karolina Krupickova (skater for London Roller Derby and designer, Central Saint Martins), Cali Pearce, Johanna Hammer (graphic design, Central Saint Martins), Caitlin Vultaggio, Frida Auster, Kerry O’Brien, Andie MacDonald, Marthe Claessen, Skyanne Dixon, Brad Holmes, Justus Buskamp, Becky Levins, Frederique Schimmelpenninck (Graphic Designer), Ella Gollogly, Sophia Dietze, Laurence Romain, Gray Mckay, Julia Angoco, Sam Taubman(Skate Liverpool), John Raines, Shanice Applewhaite, Helena Roig, Sydney Tomer, Caitlin Lilley (female skateboarder), Robert Voges, Annette Morón, Michelle Phoolserm, Leah Dixon, Miles McBreen (Photographer), Sam Taubman (Skate Liverpool), Olinda O'Hara Camones, Irene Sanchez, Vanessa Massaro (LaGalerieMassaro), Tori Brown, Aliyah Joseph, Kari Frea, Jordy Ringeling, Jenna Lewis, Tom Hall, Carolyn Wanatee, Selina Kofi (Roodkapje/Willem de Kooning Academie), Lucijana Nadoveza, Ryan Gómez, Skate Liverpool, Indre Urbonaite, Johanna Renkel, Melody Raymi Belleza, Alexis Cohen [Ramp Hole], Alexia Verdugo, Jen Collin, Jeffrey Halleran (Clean Room), Nine Balk, Kirsty Paterson, Molly Seed, Ruth Lewis, Angelique Spaninks (MU Eindhoven), Sophie Allen, Maryam Sadeqi, Anna Rothärmel (Copywriter/Writer), Nina Tukker, Sandra Dressel, Raphaëlle Tanguay, Valerie Malatesta, Deborah Lucchini, Femke Boezen (Artez Fine Art and Design in Education alumni), Natasja Bökkerink, Pien van Maldegem, Robin Deelen, Victoria Meeker Jennifer Ruiz, Sasha Rainbow, Jasmine Skloss-Harrison (student, visual artist, skater), Siri Ahlström, James Buehler, Amelia Diochon, Alessia Rollo (photographer), Elle Fowler, Alfie Ebojo (Artist, Designer), Moriah Santiago, Romy Yedidia, Rachel Muntean-Salazar, Zoe Pirotte, Lorenzo Deprado, Kelly wehner, Annika Buhlrich, Hallie Lichen (Skater in Oregon), Haley Bittaker, Antonia von Olleschik-Elbheim, Christina Koepf,Elisa Grasso, Kaoru Rose, Taylor Miotti, Beth Hitchman, Josh deGruchy, Destin Beneteau, Valeria Fabiano, Kristina Schrickel, Alyson Kerr, Thom Geraeds, Bobbie Petford, NHS worker, Eliza Maybank, Ivanna López (Artist, Web Designer), Martha Jager, Lotte Klösters, Marie-Anne van Reijen (Meer Vrouwen in de Politiek), Alieke Everts, Tess Beemster (fine art in education student), Julia Wellander (Antwerp Roller Derby), Marike Plöger, Esmee van de Glind, Sarah Harrison, Jess Melia / RWTG Female Skate Collective, Sylvia Spapens, Carmen Dusmet Carrasco, Brittany Castañeda, Lucas van den Baar, Kali Middleby, Louison webb, Joyce Cornelissen (Visual Artist), Hannah shrewsbury, Laura stevens, Katie Watkins, Mollie Taylor, Vanessa Short, Arun Thethy, Laura Vos, Sarah James-Massie, Karuna Xéridat-Kawanami, Aischa Daughtery (University of Glasgow), Elena Horgan, Poppy Naomi, Anneke Sinnema (webdeveloper), Teddy Montfrooij, Malu Sieben, Sonia Mangiapane, Marton Kabai, Allison Harris, Khloe Valentine (Skate Like A Bitch), Elise Ommundsen Granli(artist and skater), Chloé Devis (photographer, journalist), Nadia van Essen, Gianna Oledan, Petra Kramer, Francesca Bardell (student/artist), Renée Baken, Hannah Celsius (artist), Esther Baar, Nienke Kortland Geissler, Megan Chaperon, Marie Docher (photographer/equity activist), James hall, Emily Rasmussen Arda, Pablo Rouwet, Blayze Harmer (skater), Maeve Conway, Marthe de Win (founder De Bovengrondse), Maddi Dethlefsen, Tessa Beintema, Alexandra Horndasch, Emiel Veld, THE GROVE DIY (LONDON), Irma Douglas, Rosie Pike, student, Luke Nyman (music producer), Leila Hargreaves (textiles undergraduate, skateboarder), Iz Bordner, Niels Nouwen, Saoirse McAllorum, Ivana Vogelzang, Amanda Mustard, Lucy Ford, Judith en Shaniqua (Uit den Boze podcast), Natasha Alzer, mayo hoppen, Alannah Hornsey, Justine Decker, Tayler Little (Rad Cow Co.), Michela Dai Zovi (female skater), Frederick Walker, Annegret Fiedler, Marta Dávila Mateu, Oona Solehmainen, Studio NN, Maria Palmieri, Kyle Hessey, Sharon van den Akker, Gordana Maksimovic (Social Studies Undergraduate, Rollerskater), Lilly Hein-Hartmann @GirlSk8NorthWest, Monali Meher , Victoria Shephard , Marit van Putten, Megan Bullard, Cher autumn straub, Simone Bauhuis (artist/skater), Martyn Thomas (Director, Animator, Skateboarder), Tom Barnes, Marieke van Bommel, Sian Upfold, Baby Reni, Paula Garcia Sans, Hans Gremmen, Dieke Berkhuizen, Bo Canits (Musician), Sofie Rijhiner, Meghann Crawford, Sophia Altekamp (Designer), Nikita Jansen, Marius Smit, Joanna Skupinska, Lisa Della Chiesa, Catalina Diaz, Jonathan Hamilton, Bobbi Jelgerhuis, Olive Lucke, Vanille Ougen, Kimberley Tammenga, Chris Howard, Scot Cameron (writer, photographer), Joseph McGuffog (Skateboarder, Journalist), Lauren Devine, Arianna Rinaldo, Bérangère Liloku, Aram Elya, Anouk Océanne, Kim Schormans, Bob Demper / Artist, Florence Smyth, Brigitte Dekker, Anouk Scholte, Annabel Kers, Medina Resic, Jazmine Cornejo, Luke Arnold (Skater/Artist), Poppy Dowsing (femskate.cov), Klara Bayer, Maartje Stift, Edward Bauman, Camilla Cigoli, Nicholas Richmond, Nora Lagström Jebara, Mariska Mulder (Photographer), Rita amato(Young and indipendent Mom and Receptionist), Jonathan Gallo (skate instructor), Alison Hennings, Luke Bhogal, Anni kay, Vinay Gaya, Valeria Cherchi (Artist), Heather Malcolm, Jana Stückemann, Janpier Brands, Giorgos Gripeos, Nina Mielitz, Asier Uriarte Mojas, Coalition Skate Shop (Spain), Nico Uhler, Región of Murcia Skateboarding Federation (Spain), Czar Kristoff (Temporary UnReLearning Academy), Jamie Deveaux, Roisin Douglas (‘SKEK & art historian), Patricia Niven (photographer), Dougal Marwick (skateboarder), Maddie Paget, Ivana Vogelzang, James Davenport (skateboarder / photographer), Caitlin Brown, Charlotte van Royen, Hilary Wardhaugh (photographer, mentor, volunteer, Danielle Cadieux, Annick Ligtermoet, Tina Pohle Bresnan, Graphic Designer, Georgie Brierley, Kamali van Bochove, Faria van Creij-Callender, Noortje Wijckmans, Joop Schroën, Jewella Macabenta, Bronwyn Gardiner Bronone, Stéphanie Meunier, Poulomi Basu, Lieselot Verheye (designer), Myrthe Peek (master student Conflict Resolution), Aleidis Skua, Paul Hill, rudy brands (universiteit utrecht), Yasmine Kabbara, Sirus Gahan, Mylan Hoezen, Katie Brooks. Rochene Cook, Lucie Gérard, Pauline Le Pape, Inês da Costa, Stijn Mulder, Karin Bareman, Guus Verschuur (designer), Kyra Fairley, Rogier van Schaik (Office assistant + art development Paparazzi Model Management), Latisha Horstink (Illustrator), Nadia van Leur (Web Developer), Julie de Galan, Linda Robart, Immacolata Andolfo, MELISSA PACKWOOD, Adam Day (skater), Lucy von Sturmer, Carol Rechtet, Babi Brasileiro, Melissa Packwood, Taylor Paige, Lily Peddle, Alexandra Thompson, Psychologist, Darcy nortcliffe, Johanna von der Decken, Joy Queen ( Graphic designer), Joost Koster, Joséphine Mcfarlane (Skate Like A Bitch Co-Owner), Maja Siebenbrodt, Chiara Dominique Daum, Zoé Daemen, Anna-Lena Krieg, Johnjoe Wright, Natalie Eedson. 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