Facility Use Phased Roll Out Weekly Feedback
This form is for any group leaders from both District and non-District sponsored facility use. This will be sent weekly on Fridays so that you can provide your experiences, challenges, and observations in regards to your group and MDH guidelines on social distancing, cleaning, and more. Your feedback is very valuable and will be shared with District leaders as they continue to plan towards the fall. Right now, the only thing that is constant and doesn't change - is that everything changes. Your insight, experiences, and observations will truly be an asset for all planning for the remainder of the summer and as we head into August and September. Thank you for being trailblazers and great partners.
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During this past week, please rate how things went with social distancing for your participants? *
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During this past week, please rate how vigilant you had to be in reminding participants of social distancing. *
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Please rate how vigilant you had to be in cleaning or disinfecting your space and equipment. *
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Do you have your participants cleaning / sanitizing during your planned meeting/practice/event or only before and after? *
What did you learn from having the participants doing the cleaning / sanitizing during (or before/after) *
Please share how it went with your participant #'s (pods) and interaction? Please be as detailed as possible. *
Please share what support items you'd like to try in upcoming days to continue to support MDH guidelines with your groups participants. *
Please share how the spaces you were in benefited your group? *
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Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback!
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