South 7s Qualifier Tournament Host Application
The Carolinas is scheduled to be the location for one of the two South 7s Qualifiers for the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championship. Per the South CR Committee, the Carolinas qualifier date is July 20th, 2019. Please complete the form below if your club would like to host the South Qualifier Tournament in the Carolinas.

Host locations must offer at a minimum Men's and Women's Qualifier Divisions. Offering other divisions (youth, social, etc.) is up to the tournament host.

Clubs bidding on hosting a qualifier are responsible for all of the associated costs that come with hosting a tournament. Event hosts may charge entrance fees to participating teams ($250/team for teams in Qualifier Division per the South CR Committee), collect admission from fans, obtain sponsors, sell merchandise/concessions, and/or other means of covering their expenses.

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Playing Surface *
Do you have a backup venue if fields are unplayable due to rain? *
Are you able to provide certified athletic trainers for the event? One per field is recommended. *
Do you have regulation goal posts and post pads for all of the fields? *
If not, please explain *
Will the fields have markings for any other sports besides rugby? *
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Can you provide a warm up area near the match fields? *
Can you provide a covered area at mid-field for match administrators? *
Can you provide a covered area for match officials? *
Can you provide Gatorade/Water, food, and snacks for the match officials?
Please list any/all additional events that you plan on operating or working with in conjunction with this event. (Ex. high school tournaments on outside fields, social divisions, fundraisers, etc.) *
Supporting Information
Please attach an addendum with a list of any supporting information for your event and/or other
pertinent information in establishing a case for your hosting bid. Pictures of your venue and an
overhead shot with field layouts are appreciated.
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