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Thanks for your interest in going ONDECK with LIFT. In 2.5 years we've had over 75 businesses and projects go ONDECK since we launched in 2015. We look forward to helping you grow your venture!.

Your BizOnDeck workshop is a collaborative business development experience. We'll send you a "best practices" info sheet. Then you'll be set to get invaluable feedback from entrepreneurs who are in the room because they want to help you grow your business or project. "We rise by lifting others" ~ Robert Ingersoll.

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Your ASK: What do you need from Team LIFT - the entrepreneurs who will be at the table to help you grow or pivot your business? (It could be help with focusing a broad business interest. It could be help with making a pivot or re-branding. It could help with acquiring new customers. It could be money. Or? You tell us what you need to grow. 50-100 words please.) *
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What are you prepared to "give back" to the table as a thank you for their help?" (Giving back" is part of the collaborative, community focus in our approach. Be creative - and think of this as a unique marketing opportunity: how can you leave a lasting, positive impression on a group of people who are investing time and bought a ticket to help you grow your business. It can be as simple as a discount for people using your services. Or coupons. Or product samples. Or?? 25-50 words please.) *
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Please give us all the online tools you're currently using to market your business or project. (Please include full URLs. This helps us market you better. Your list might look like this: http://bobstools.com, http://Facebook.com/bobstools, http://www.twitter.com/@bobstools, http://instagram.com/@bobstools, http://pinterest.com/bobstools, http://youtube.com/user/bobstools, etc ) *
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Are you a LIFT VIP? (LIFT members at the Regular / Champion and higher level get a $300 discount on BizOnDeck fees. Fees are used to promote your business via promoting your workshop, as well as covering venue and/or catering costs). We estimate the dollar value to individual businesses of a BizOnDeck workshop to be approximately $2500 in marketing and coaching. Call HPM now at 250-792-1408 if you're not a LIFT Regular / Champion member and want these benefits. Your fee includes a follow up "mini-pitch" at a BizOnDeck within 12-18 months of your first pitch. *
We rise by lifting others ~ Robert Ingersoll
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