TALMA 2021 Interest Form For Returnees & Accepted 2020 Fellows
Shalom all!

After the disappointment and heartbreak of last summer's cancellation due to the pandemic, we are cautiously optimistic for the revival and return of the summer fellowship in 2021.

In support of our optimism, we have secured tickets for June 26/27 through July 22/23 and are hopeful that 2021 will be our biggest summer yet.

While it is our full intention to bring as many accepted summer 2020 fellows and alumni to our summer 2021 program, we must emphasize that there are many factors that remain outside of our control: funding, border closures, quarantine requirements, the capacity of municipalities to host programming, etc.

As such, we CANNOT guarantee acceptance to all who complete this form; HOWEVER, 2020 accepted fellows and returning alumni WHO COMPLETE THIS FORM will be given priority consideration above new applicants - with the exception of new candidates applying from communities served by grant partners and priority recruitment areas.

Alumni will be chosen for return based on the above needs as well as past performance, community fit, and the application responses below.

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