Reminders BEFORE trip:
File this permission slip with Lara at least 2-3 weeks in advance.
Request lunches at least two weeks in advance (after trip has been approved).
It is DOE regulations that you must have 2 chaperones for up to 30 students. 1 chaperone for each additional 15 students.
Permission Slips must identify activities with inherent risks (e.g., swimming, horseback riding, ice skating, use of physical fitness equipment) that students will engage in on the trip and must contain specific requests for parent permission to engage in those activities.

Every student must have a written permission slip, no matter how old he/she is.
Finalize list of ALL staff members who will accompany students on trip before requesting approval.
Provide Rosmery with a detailed itinerary of the trip (from departure from FIHS to dismissal)
Alert Rosmery or Kevin to any students who will NOT be participating in the trip.

Reminders ON THE DAY of the trip:
Distribute list of adults’ cell phone numbers and school contact numbers to adults.
If you received lunches, return blue lunch coolers to the cafeteria, before leaving for the trip.
Leave appropriate work for students who are remaining at school.
Be sure that all chairs are put up and doors are locked before exiting the building.
What is your name? *
Which team is going on the trip? *
What is the destination of the trip?
Date of Trip: *
Time of Departure: *
What time will the trip be over? *
Are you returning to FIHS *
Number of students attending the trip? *
Name of Chaperones: *
Cost to students and/or FIHS? *
How will you get to your final destination? Please include the directions *
Subway, bus or walking?
Any additional information that you would like to included
Next Steps
After approval please complete the following:
9th and 10th Please See Liang for lunch request.
11th and 12th Please See Ana for lunch request.
See Yiyi for transportation request and placing the trip on the community calendar.
Make arrangements for students, who may not attend the trip.
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