2019 National Native Media Awards
The Native American Journalists Association is now accepting entries for the 2019 National Native Media Awards, which recognizes excellence in the reporting, presentation and coverage of Indian Country. NAJA will accept submissions published or aired between Jan. 1 – Dec. 31, 2018.

Contest entries will be accepted through the standard deadline of March 31, 2019.

Contest Rules and Eligibility Guidelines
• Contest entries will be accepted through March 31, 2019.
• Submitted entries must have been published, broadcasted, or posted on or between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31, 2018.
• Entries may only be submitted via link – no hard copies will be accepted.
• Links to a master Dropbox or Google Drive folder with multiple entries are accepted, however, please provide clear directions to judges for easily locating all entries within any larger folder(s).
• Entrants submitting a single story from a full issue should include issue information, page number(s), jumps and headline / cutline in the Notes section of the entry form to provide specific location instructions to judges.
• If an editor or producer is entering the work of an employee at the member rate, the employee must be a current NAJA member or the work will not be considered.
• Individuals may submit up to five separate entries in any one category, as desired. Entries in multiple categories are encouraged. (Example: In the best news photo category, an individual may submit up to and no more than five different photos to compete against each other, in addition to competing with other outlet or individual submissions.)
• General excellence awards are for Native American-owned media outlets (tribal media) that are at least 50% Native-owned, managed or controlled.
• Associate members and non-Native entrants may only enter the Associate Divisions.
• Only those categories with a minimum of three entries from three or more individuals or organizations will be judged. Categories without the minimum number of entries may be combined, as applicable. NAJA will make all accommodations possible for ensuring entries are included for judging, which may include, but isn't limited to, combining divisions and categories.
• Judges have the right to withhold an award if they determine that no entries merit recognition.
• Judges have the right to transfer entries from one category to another based on their reading of the contest guidelines. Entrants will not be notified of such a transfer prior to the announcement of awards.
Payment Information
• The early bird entry fee is $25 per entry for professional, associate or tribal members, $10 per entry for student members, and $50 per entry for non-members. Early bird entries will be accepted through March 31.
• The regular entry fee is $30 per entry for professional, associate or tribal members, $15 per entry for student members and $55 per entry for non-members through the deadline of April 19.
• Payment will be accepted via credit card, PayPal, check or money order. PayPal will process all credit card payments at the point of sale (you do not have to have a PayPal account to utilize this service).
• Total payment for multiple entries may be submitted as a single transaction, however, all payments must be received by NAJA on or before the entry deadline in order for the entry be eligible for judging.
• Checks should be addressed to the Native American Journalists Association: NAJA – OU Gaylord College, 395 W. Lindsey St., Norman, OK 73019.
• Each entry must have a completed entry form and payment. Only complete entries with full payment received on or before the entry deadline will be judged.
• NAJA may not issue refunds but will make every attempt to judge all entries submitted, which may result in some categories or divisions being combined to meet the minimum entry requirement.
• Entrants may reduce their entry fees by volunteering to judge another category / division. For each category judged, entrant may be forgiven one $25 / $50 entry fee. Volunteers may judge up to four categories and may not judge a category in which they are competing. Any known conflicts of interest or preference for categories should be submitted using the judge's volunteer sign up form.

For questions about the media awards submissions, volunteer judging or payment, contact NAJA Director of Programs and Strategic Partnerships Bryan Pollard at bpollard@naja.com.

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