LexPlay 2016 Speedrun Submission
Fill out this form for each run you want to submit. All runners will be expected to BRING THEIR OWN GAME AND CONSOLE (PC will be provided for PC games). If unable to do so, coordinate with another attendee.

Every Runner will be REFUNDED the full price of their badge once the convention is over. So you still have to buy one to get in. Purchase tickets here: http://lexplaycon.com

If you have any questions, or need to change your submission, email us here: lexplayspeedrun@runjumpdev.org

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Used for planning and coordination.
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Expected maximum length of a no-reset run.
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A link to a marathon style run (no-reset, full commentary) done by you.
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What system will you run this on? Remember, CONSOLES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED!
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What resolution does this game display in? Helps up prepare the right layouts.
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Which days are you attending, and are there any events you want to attend or time slots you want to avoid? You only need to fill this out once if you're submitting multiple games.
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