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Get your Ark Décor Sign to decorate your home, office, kid's playroom, bedroom, neighbor's hallway, man-cave, she-shed, warehouse... get it to decorate anything you want!!
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Who is this guy?
I am a community member of the Ark Ecosystem, just like you! I am Cam of Delegate Cam's Yellow Jacket (cams_yellow_jacket) I have written the Ark Desktop Wallet User Guide ( and I have also proudly served as a board member of the Ark Community Fund! (
How was this funded?
I am funding this myself. I did not seek ACF assistance due to conflict of interest at the time when this was created.
What do I get?
You will a receive carbon steel alloy Ark Logo in the mail. (8inx6.375inx11gauge) It is fabricated with a mounting hole.
Is it painted?
The Ark Décor sign is currently unpainted, but has a nice industrial, metal shop look and feel to it.

If you like, you can apply your own touch to your décor sign and give it a unique look with custom finishes on your own. If you do that, please share a photo by tweeting @ArkLogoWorks or sending it to!

Please suggest custom finishes in the feedback tab of this site. I will keep your ideas in mind for future improvements to ArkLogoWorks!
Why should I trust you?
I am a long standing member of the community, especially in the Ark Slack, @cam (og). You'll find many character references there, including @Doubled1c3e /, and delegate / @Cryptalope.

I am also a delegate, Cam of cams_yellow_jacket.

As an active member of the Ark Community Fund as of Summer 2018, I hold my own accountability in very high regard.

To be clear, the aforementioned individuals/entities are not legally bound or connected financially to my business. They are a testament to my good moral character. :)
How are the mailing addresses stored?
They aren't- as soon as processing is complete, your address and name (given you provided it) is deleted immediately and permanently. Anonymity and security of your personal information is important to you, as well as me!
How much does this cost?
The Ark Décor Sign costs 15 Ark.

Unlike, the price is different for those outside of the continental United States (this package has weight! :) ).
Only Ark Hodlers Are Welcome In My Home! :)
I live in (country name), will you ship there?
I sure will. You pay, I ship. If you do not live within the United States, simply add +20 Ark to your total payment.
How often do you ship?
I ship in batches every week. I will make an announcement on Twitter (@ArkLogoWorks) each time I process a batch, so please follow me there, and bask in anticipation!
How can I contact you?
I would prefer you contact me via the Ark Slack, the name is @cam (cams_yellow_jacket), and you can contact me there anytime.

If you prefer, you can reach out to me via email,
Can I order multiple signs?
Yes, you can order as many as you like. Simply send more Ark to receive more signs.

If you want to order multiple signs, just mention so in the "Special Instructions/Requests" Section below.

If you order multiple signs and live outside the continental United States, you only pay the +20 Ark ONCE.
How will I know if you've abandoned the operation?
If you're reading this, the operation is active.
Is anything required in the Smartbridge field?
No, nothing is required in the Smartbridge field. However, if you'd be so kind as to put "Sign me!" or something to that effect, I'd appreciate it!
Do you live outside the continental United States? *
Scannable ArkLogoWorks Address
Send the required Arks to AVezFtQ6tb6fE9hK3s4SfqM69ZZJJ2xD1E *
Payment Address
Enter your Payment Address below.

I need your Payment Address so I can temporarily match your order with your payment. Remember, after fulfillment I delete this information forever.

Do NOT put your passphrase here. Your Ark address is the long string of random alphanumeric characters at the top of your Ark Wallet.
Your Ark or Email Address: *
Mailing Address: *
Put the mailing address of where you want the sign to be delivered. USE ALL CAPS. ALSO PLEASE PUT YOUR INITIALS OR FULL NAME for better chance of delivery. No worries, this is ALSO deleted upon shipping! Press 'Enter' to use multiple lines, as it will be printed exactly onto the envelope. You can put any mailing address in the world, so long as it's valid. PUT COUNTRY NAME ON THE LAST LINE. Please be very careful while entering your address, I am mailing EXACTLY as it is shown.
Do you offer any promotions?
Funny you should ask! ArkLogoWorks has a promotion in collaboration with!

If you buy an ArkLogoWorks Decor Sign with the same Ark Address that you used to buy stickers from in the last 7 days, please subtract 1 Ark from your total payment to ArkLogoWorks. After you buy your sign from ArkLogoWorks, I will check the official ArkStickers Address (ARmprw59opHaWdsFGfnzSkBuu28Cnoug6m) to verify that you participated correctly.

If you have any questions for me about this promotion, please contact me on Ark Slack @cam (cams_yellow_jacket).

Using sticker codes on does not make you eligible for this promotion.
Special Instructions/Requests
As mentioned above, if you have any special requests, mention them here. This is also a good place to let me know that you are participating in the ArkStickers limited-time discount promotion!
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