UCLA Waste Audit Sign-Up
We are excited to work with UCLA Facilities to collect data on UCLA's waste! Please fill out the following form to register for the Renewable Energy Association's waste audit.

REA Waste Audit
Wilson Plaza
11/30/2017 (Week 9 Thursday)
9AM - 4PM

Volunteer Descriptions:
General Volunteer
The heart and soul of the waste audit! The general volunteers are the hard-working people we need to sort through at categorize the waste. If you don't feel confident if your ability to sort recycling properly, don't fret -- we'll have information to help you with this.

When runners are free, they will help their general volunteer peers at the sorting table. However, when buckets are sorted and ready to be weighed, the runner is the person charged with carrying them to be weighed and recorded, and then emptying the weighed waste into the dumpster on site and returning the buckets to their table to begin the cycle anew. The runner is also tasked with ensuring each table has a trash bag to sort from the pile.

Safety Officer*
The job of the safety officer is to be keenly aware of our safety precautions, and to observe and advise the general volunteers to ensure they keep out of harm's way. Safety officers should bring a pad of paper and writing implement with them if they can so as they roam from station to station, they might make note of any widely recurring product being sorted into the landfill bucket, which may be useful information to REA.

Data Collection*
Those in charge of data collection will be charged with bringing both their laptops and paper with writing implements; they will be tasked with recording the weight of each bucket as it is weighed and recording which trash bag it came from in addition to what kind of waste it is, both on paper and on an online spreadsheet (just to be perfectly paranoid about not losing the data).

Check-in Assistant*
The Check-In Assistant will be in charge of recording the names and UIDs (if necessary) of volunteers who intend to receive class or club credit in exchange for their participation. The Check-In Assistant will also be tasked with referring volunteers to the protective equipment and their sorting station.

*The starred positions require a brief training session that will occur on Monday, 11/27 at 6PM in Boelter 5419 Please check your emails for details!

For more information, questions, or concerns, please e-mail uclarenewable@gmail.com.

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*The starred positions require a brief training session (Monday 27 at 6PM, Boelter 5419). Further details will be e-mailed in your confirmation!
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