The Scottish Marine Technology Park (SMTP)
We would love to hear your views on the SMTP, to assist us in further developing and refining our plans for the site - as well as documenting the impact the project will have. Please write as much as you can, as your views are really appreciated.
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What memories do you have of the SMTP site? Were your family once employed by the site, involved in the war, or have an interest as a local resident? It would be great to hear any stories of the site, form its involvement in the war, until present day.
What impact do you think the SMTP, once built and operating will have on the local economy?
What opportunities do you think the SMTP brings in terms of employment? Marine Engineering? More generally?
What aspects of the site do you feel are innovative? And why do you say so?
What aspect of the site development are you most excited/encouraged by? Why?
What opportunities do you think the SMTP will bring in terms of future technology?
What impact do you think the SMTP has had and will have in terms of impacting positively on the local environment going forward?
If you could sum up the project in one sentence, what would it be? *
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