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Dear Students,

This volunteer sign-up form is an opportunity for anyone interested to get involved in an effort to minimize social isolation amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The Community Voices Initiative is a program that aims to close the gap on social distancing and help minimize social isolation by connecting students with members across the Boston community through meaningful, virtual interactions.

During this time of social distancing, all members of our community are at risk of becoming increasingly isolated. Loneliness, anxiety, and fear can have major implications on individuals' general health and well-being.

This is where our student volunteers can help. After signing up as a Community Voices volunteer, we will pair you with a community member at one of our partner organizations, upon which you are encouraged to have conversations about truly anything (e.g. favorite hobbies/games, life stories, favorite movies/artists, memories of loved ones, technology advice, etc.) and develop meaningful relationships to help make a difference during this difficult and uncertain time. More information about specific patient populations is forthcoming and students will have the chance to specify their preferences as more opportunities become available.

After you complete the form, you will receive more instructions about the program and will be matched with your community partner(s).

Questions and concerns can be directed to the email addresses below.

Wishing you well,
Ashley Goreshnik (
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Julia Malits (
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Respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the community members we are contacting is a core value of the Community Voices Initiative. Personal information that community members share is confidential and should not be disclosed with anyone without permission of your community partner, unless it pertains to a crisis situation, in which case you should adhere to the steps listed in the Volunteer Guidelines document. Attention and care should also be taken to ensure that other individuals do not overhear conversations with your assigned community member, especially if the subject matter is sensitive.
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