2022 Import Spring Showoff (ISS) Survey
A collection of questions to find out how we did on putting this event together for you at Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC) to help improve the quality of what we can do for you in the future.
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EVENT DATE: June 4th, 2022
Was this your first time to the Utah Motorsport Park? *
How did you hear about Import Spring Showoff? *
What type of entree were you? *
What age range are you? *
Did you enjoy the event? *
Needs work
Best show ever
Was this your first ISS motorsport festival? *
how many ISS motorsport festivals have you been to? *
At what time did you show up to the event? *
How long did you stay at ISS? *
How was the total event run time? *
Did you get food from any of the vendors? *
Was there enough variety in food to choose from? *
If there was a paper map that included the agenda of everything happening the day of ISS,  Would that have been helpful to have? *
Did you watch any of the roll races? *
If you could have participated in the roll races, would you have? *
Were you able to go for a drift demo ride? *
Did you like the drift configuration? *
Did you watch the rev off contest? *
Did you like the location of the rev off contest? *
At the end of the event, did you get to ride with anyone on the parade lap? *
If you could be a volunteer for ISS, would you help out the day of? *
What was your favorite part about the show? *
Tell us a little bit about your experience with ISS this year? *
Any suggestions or things to change, new ideas, other? *
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