Players Code of Behaviour - 2019
If you child plans on participating in Sport at Tauranga Intermediate this year, the following form will need to be completed. Please note that only one form per child is required for the entire year. If your child is in Year 7, this form will carry over into 2020.

This form MUST be completed from an adults email address (students are not allowed to completed this form via their school email).

Players Code of Behaviour

As a valuable member of a Tauranga Intermediate Sports Team, you have a responsibility to follow the “Players Code of Behaviour”.

Players code of behaviour is as follows:
• Play equally hard for yourself and your team. Your team’s performance will benefit, so will you.
• Play according to the rules of the sport and the principles of fairplay.
• Be a good sport, cheer for all successful play during a game.
• Take responsibility for your performance on and off the court.
• Treat all players as you would be treated. Always encourage the members of your team and offer support if needed.
• Control your temper, verbal abuse or deliberate contact and abusive behaviour is unacceptable.
• Never argue with an umpire / referee. If you are concerned, talk to your coach or captain.
• Appreciate and co-operate with your coach, teammates and officials, there would be no game without them.

While being a valued member of my team I will give 100% on the court and during practice. I will attend all games and all practices that my coach has planned for me. If I cannot attend I will phone my coach giving 24 hours notice. I will turn up to my games prepared: no jewellery, (leave your watch at home) nails cut, hair tied up and in full uniform. I will arrive at least 30 minutes before my game to participate in a ‘warming up routine’ to prevent any injury (unless otherwise advised by my coach). My sports fees will be paid unless otherwise arranged with Mrs Karen Hampton, Sports Coordinator.

Please also know that images are often taken and shared via a range of different school media outlets. We at Tauranga Intermediate like to celebrate success. If you have an issue with this, please contact the school.

By completing this form you are confirming you as an adult and your child/ren have read and they will abide by the “Player Code of Behaviour”.
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