FHG Stream Team Application
Here at FyreHouseGaming we pride ourselves on having some of the finest streamers on Beam. We look for streamers with certain qualities that we believe will ensure that FHG grows into a community that is recognized across Beam. Below you will find the basic guidelines we require of our Team Members. Please fill out the application fully to ensure a timely response. Thanks!

1. We require our streamers to follow our social media guidelines. Being active on Twitter, Player.me, Discord and the website forums/blog is our key to success. Each streamer will have their own Discord text and voice channels and a forum/blog outlet on the website. It is required that you be active across all the social media outlets. We encourage all our streamers to share the FHG Discord link in their profile or even link it in your Mixer settings.Through social media, we will grow our brand and become a recognized brand on Beam.

2. Streamers must include their individual community and the FHG community as a whole in their streams. This is pretty much a given on Mixer but we like to go one step further and prioritize interaction over game play. It is required that you take 1 or 2 days to play games that you will be able to play with your community. Our community members are key to our success.

3. We encourage our streamers to share knowledge with the rest of the team.If you find a new way of doing things or a cool new feature or gadget, share it with the others. This will help every team member have the opportunity to be as successful as they can be.

4. We require all our streamers to help out newcomers to Beam as much as possible. New streamers are a way to possibly grow our own community and are a source for potential Team Members. This is a stressed requirement. We encourage you to take one stream a week and put in your stream title something encouraging new streamers to come in and ask questions during your stream. If you can not help them during your stream, suggest they get in the team Discord and someone will be with them ASAP.

5. Streamers must have and keep a schedule throughout the week. It can be as little as 2 - 3 days but it is imperative that a schedule be kept.

These guidelines and requirements are the standard in which we run the Team. Failure to adhere to the above will have the consequences listed below. We are trying to build a strong, professional community of like minded games and believe we have a good foundation with the above requirements.

Discord - Inactivity on discord for 5 days without an away notice posted on Discord #away_notice channel will receive a warning first and second offense removal from team.

Twitter/Player.me - Inactivity for 3 days without an away notice posted on Discord #away_notice channel will receive a warning first and second offense removal from the team. The reason why? Is because social media is what helps the team and yourself grow.

Mixer - Inactivity for 7 days days without an away notice posted on Discord #away_notice channel will receive a warning first and second offense removal from team.

Note: If you are going to be away for an extended period of time of more than 3 days, please let us know on discord on #away_notice channel so we can track that you will be inactive for that period of time. All the rules are here to help you help the team grow as a community. -

Following these guidelines, we believe, will ensure that we become a recognized and respected community on Beam. We look forward to reviewing your application. If you have any questions, contact either Fyrebug or Hyperchucks on discord here: https://discord.me/fyrehousegaming.

It is suggested that you have approximately 150 followers.

Thanks for your interest!


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