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If you have recently given birth in Gloucestershire, Gloucestershire Maternity Voices wants to hear about your care during labour, birth and beyond.
Please tell us the month and year you gave birth
Where did you give birth? *
How long did you stay on the ward/at the birth centre? *
How would you describe your experience of having a baby there?
Do you have any positive aspects that you can highlight? Are there any particular areas for improvement that you would like to feed back?
If you needed medication did you receive it when you needed it?
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Do you feel as if you have been treated with care and compassion during your time there?
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If sometimes or no, please tell us more.
Were you given the opportunity for your partner to stay overnight?
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If your partner stayed overnight, what was your experience like?
Have any individuals or teams stood out for you for positive reasons?
Have you received support to feed your baby if and when you have needed it?
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If you didn't get the help you needed with feeding, what did you feel would have been useful?
Is there anything you would like us to flag to the hospital anonymously?
Do you feel that you had enough information to make informed decisions?
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