Summer Discernment Camp
Event Timing: Begins June 8 - June 13 *Must arrive on June 7 for Orientation/Logistics @ 3 pm.
Event Address: 2131 West 27th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90018
Contact us at (323) 731-5747 or (323) 671-0202
EVENT COST: FREE (donations accepted)

*You will be required to wear a uniform consisting of a black skirt and white blouse ( Thurs. Fri. Sat. & Mon) *Bring Sunday clothes for Sunday's Mass :)

1. Be in High School age (14-18 yrs. old)
2. Be discerning a possible vocation to religious life
3. Have permission from parents.
4. Must contact Sister Yesenia for a phone interview
5. Must comply with schedule and required attire.
WHAT TO BRING: (please tell Sister Yesenia (in comments section) if you're not able to bring something that's on the list.
Veil to wear in Chapel (if you have an extra please bring it)
Black Skirts (below knee) *you will be wearing them Thurs-Fri & Mon, so bring what you need.
White blouse/shirt (no low-cut/straps) *same as above*
Sunday clothes for Mass (modest dress, shoes)
Personal clothing
Sleeping bag
Comfortable shoes (to do chores/ play badminton/Community service)
Sandals (optional)
Sowing kit (if you have one but they have some at the 99 Cents store or any Dollar stores) :)
Hairbrush / hair products to keep your hair neat (if applicable) :)
Bath towels
Any medication you're using

Any spiritual books you're reading (you will have free time)
Divine Office (if you have one)

NOTE: The Convent will provide shampoo, toothpaste, razors, lotion, sanitary pads and over the counter medication like Tylenol, Midol etc.

First and Last Name
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Address (#, street, city, state, zip code)
Your answer
Emergency Contact with phone number
Your answer
Do you have permission from your parent/s?
Dietary/food allergy restrictions?
Your answer
Is your health overall in good condition? If not, explain.
Your answer
When did you first thought about becoming/looking into sister/religious life?
Your answer
Have you looked into any other religious communities of sisters? If yes, name them.
Your answer
What do you know or like about the Servants of Mary Ministers to the Sick?
Your answer
What are your expectations from this discernment camp?
Your answer
Are you a practicing Catholic? (Check all that apply)
Which school do you go to?
Your answer
What does your family do to foster a Catholic identity? (Check all that apply)
Are you seriously discerning religious life? (Check all the apply)
What are your talents/hobbies?
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What are your plans after High School?
Your answer
Would you consider entering religious life after high school? (check those that apply)
Did you notice that you have to be here on June 7th at 3pm for Orientation so you officially begin camp on June 8th? (if not, make sure you read the info at the very top)
You know you will be wearing a uniform, right? That you will be bringing.
Make sure you read the "What to bring list" again. Please.
Any questions? Comments? Are you able to bring what's required?
Your answer
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