Mishloah Manot Order Form

Saved from Haman’s evil plan, the Jews of Shushan celebrated by giving sweet things to the people they loved (mishloah manot). Just a small way of offering thanks for the miracle of survival, a gesture to recognize that we all get by with a little help from our friends.

In that spirit, share the love this Purim. Who in our community:
*made you smile?
*got you out of a bind?
*inspired you?
*needs a little love?

Here's how it works: We create beautiful and meaningful little gift baskets and you tell us where to send them. It’s customary to give at least two of these gifts on Purim - but we'll happily send sweetness to as many members of our community as you'd like to honor.

And here's the best part: remember in middle school when Josh Cohen sent you a Valentine but – oops - you forgot to send him one? Opt in to reciprocity and we guarantee that anyone who sends you mishloah manot will automatically receive it back from you. And vice versa. Farewell childhood trauma, hello social serenity.

So reward yourself, and those you love, with some tax deductible sweetness this Purim. In addition to the prices listed below,
you can:

Add additional members - $ 5.00
Add non-members - $ 30.00

Once you submit this form, you will be directed to our website to make your final payment.

Mishloah Manot orders must be submitted by Friday, February 15.


This is sweet - but isn’t it a bit wasteful?
Each IKAR household will receive a single mishloah manot package and be provided with a list of the generous folks who sponsored it. Our rabbis will also make a donation in honor of each member to fulfill the mitzvah of matanot l'evyonim (gifts to the poor).

What if I order mishloah manot for non-IKAR members?
Mishloah manot purchased for non-IKAR members must be picked up from the WJCC Saturday & Sunday, February 23-24, during the Purim Justice Carvinals.

You guys are awesome. What can I do to help?
WE NEED YOUR HELP stuffing bags, delivering, and setting up our Purim Justice Carnival.
Click here to help with Mishloah Manot stuffing:
Click here to help with Purim Carnival Set-up and Staffing:

I’m a member - why can’t I find my name on the list?
If your last name is different than your partner’s, check to see if you’re listed with him or her. Otherwise, please email david@ikar-la.org and we’ll enter you immediately. We’re sorry for the confusion.

What if I made a mistake, or clicked on the wrong “David Goldberg”?
Email david@ikar-la.org and we’ll sort it all out for you.

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