Tell us about your new business & marketing habits!
We're going to be tackling the fascinating subject of habits in the New Year - and those related to agency new business and marketing, in particular. The good news (we'll give you a spoiler), is that forming a habit doesn't have to rely on iron-clad willpower and determination; we'll be talking about how even the tiniest habits can amount to massive change.

We'd love to include some insight from you in this episode. Do you have new business & marketing habits that serve you well? What are the challenges you come up against when you're trying to make a new habit to stick? Fill in the form below and we'll email you when the episode is released early on in 2021!
What's the one new business or marketing habit you've formed that yields the best results? (Tell us a little about those results, too!)
Tell us about a new business or marketing habit that you keep breaking, despite your best intentions
Have your new business / marketing habits changed in the past year? How so?
If you'd like to feature in our habits episode, tell us about a goal you have for your business in 2021. We'll try our best to suggest an achievable habit that will help you work towards it (please also provide your name or Twitter handle)
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